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In Memory of Max

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Four years ago this very week, as I strolled around a newly purchased home here in rural Washington State, an abandoned kitten entered my life. This little white fur ball with Siamese markings was scared but was in such need of food and love. Just a couple of days ago, I was out in the garden with Max, 4 years later and was amazed at how quickly the time had gone by. Max, to my shock and incredible sadness, had to be euthanized today due to internal injuries that could not be surgically corrected. I feel incredibly devastated. Tonight, I went out to the garden and there was no Max to share with how my day went. Just the wind blowing through the dried grass and trees listening to my heart. Max was a great mouser, very persistent in any kind of weather. He also liked to show off his climbing skills. Max enjoyed laying at my feet, always wanting to have that connection, that touch. Max leaves behind not only myself, but also my 14 1/2 year old Maine Coon, Dillon. Dillon was a good sport to play with Max when he was a kitten. Max will truly be missed. Farewell, Max. I hope in Heaven, God will grant me to see all the pets that brought enjoyment into my life.
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There is an old indian legend that every animal that has passed from your life, will meet you in the afterlife and escort you across to the other world.

Rest assured you will see Max again, in a place where pain is an unknown and there will be much rejoicing by two legged and four footed creatures when you are reunited again- will help you to understand the journey ahead of you-
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This is heart breaking. I'm so sorry you lost your precious little boy. Yes, I am confident that Max is in Heaven now, perfectly healthy and happy, and the two of you will one day be reunited. May God give you peace in your shattered heart during this painful time.
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What a loving tribute for Max. I'm certain he is smiling down upon you and saying "Thank You" for all the love and care that you gave him. He will be waiting to walk with you through the garden again someday.
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I lost my Vinnie who was only 5 months old in June. I understand your sadness. Allow yourself to grieve over your beloved friend. Cherish every memory you have and believe in your heart you will see Max again.
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I´m so sorry for you lost friend...
My thoughts with you and I so sure Max is now your Guard Angel in heaven..
RIP sweet Max...
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your good friend, Max. You write about him with obvious love and devotion. I'm sure you'll be together again one day.
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I am so sorry for your lose of Max. Your story broght me to tears... You did a great thing for him. You will see each other again someday!!
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Such a nice tribute to your friend Max. It's always good to share stories of our lost loved ones to help keep their memory alive.
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Bless his heart You both gave each other 4 years of love and friendship and nothing can take that away from you

Both you and Dillon will see Max again one day i'm so sure of that

Run and play with all the other Rainbow Bridge Kitties Max
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You are in my Thoughts and Prayers as you go through this tough time
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RIP Max - play happily at the bridge until you are joined once again by your loved ones
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I offer my condolences to JonPaul and Dillon, in the loss of your beloved Max. I am so sorry that you lost him at such a young age. It sounds like he was beautiful!

Rest in peace, Max!
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Thank you to each of you that expressed your encouragement and sympathy towards me. Max was definately a key part of my every day life but I had not realized just how much til last Friday. It's very odd to be at this computer and not have him latched onto my feet. Each day gets better, some times I hear his "meow" and I'll go look. Strange how the mind tries to cope. Thanks again. Dillon is enjoying the extra attention and coddling. I'm thankful to have come upon this website, very cathartic! Thank you again!
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