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Cat doesn't meow

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I adopted a kitty from the pound just before Thanksgiving. She's now 4 and a half months old. The problem--she doesn't meow. She opens her mouth but all that comes out is a squeak. Any ideas why???
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I have two that squeak all the time, and one that has never meowed, not even when going to the vet. Perfectly healthy otherwise
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Aww! Cute!

I think all kitties, like people, have different 'voices'. There are dogs that don't bark as well.

Come to think of it, I've never really heard my older cat meow either. She purrs and makes a little coo sound when she's really happy. And she yowled for a while at nights when our other cat got lost, but otherwise, she's almost a mute!
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Welcome......I have a cat who had been a feral. Little Red is now 8 years old, and is a squeeker too!
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I used to have a cat, Midnight, (no longer here) who normally just made squeeking noises or silent meows. For some reason, she was able to meow under conditions that were probably stressful for her, for example, riding in a car or being at the veterinary clinic.
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We have one that just sort of squeeks.... kinda... it's odd, I think she just never really learned how...

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Mine's mostly a squeaker but will meow occasionally--It sounds a lot like whining--he'll also have conversations with me and makes "uh oh" noises when he about to get into trouble--it makes it hard to correct his behavior when he looks up at you with that cute face that's covered in flour and says "Uh Oh".
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My younger one is a squeaker only too. That's about as loud a noise as he makes. I like it, as my other one meows the live long day.
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One of mine is a cooer, like a dove. Alot of the time, though, she just opens her mouth and nothing comes out. When she's really content, she just moves her lips! Coincidentally, I have never heard or felt her purr. Another one is a squeaker, and he can get really high pitched! I have never heard him make a normal meow. He's also 20 pounds. His girth and his squeak have combined to earn him the nickname "Mike Tyson"!
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My goodness! I thought Romeo was big @ 15 pounds!!!

Romeo used to squeek too! He would also meow when he was going for a ride in the car, but I loved his squeeks! I miss his squeeks! There he was, a big fifteen pound black ball, and all that came out was "ee!" , although he would sometimes walk around and talk to himself....

Jake is a freaking opra singer. My new cat Jinx I think is part simiese (sp?) he talks so much - SUPER AT 3:00 AM! Oh Yea! Great!
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