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What's with those hairballs?

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Hi there!
My young (2.5-3 months old) Singa of course is grooming herself. I have heard that I need to give he kitten some stuff against hairballs. Is that true? Can they not get rid of it themselves (how would they do it then in nature without humans help?) If yes, what would you recommend?
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In nature they have more of a pelt so hairballs are far less of an issue... Mankind has made modern cat hairy via selective brreding for nice coats.... there are many hairball goops on the market .. May I ask what you are feeding?? wet or dry or both and what brand
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Almost all hairball remedies will say only for cats at least six months, or even a year, old before using.

Unless she's actually having a problem (i.e. dry heaves, excess vomitting, etc.) you really don't need to do anything.

Remember, an indoor kitty is going to shed more and loose less hair than an outdoor cat - it doesn't naturally fall off as easily in a protected indoor enviornment than an outdoor one.

Miss Kitty has a hairball problem. First time it happened I thought she was dying! She has only managed to get one or two up ever - most of the time it's the dry heaves. I've switched her to hairball food, give her tons of hairball treats, and once a week I give her the OTC hairball control medicine (caramel based?). She only gets the heave once in awhile now (say, every 3-4 weeks) as opposed to almost every day.

But if you kitty isn't showing hairball symptoms, all you need to do is make sure you give him/her a good brushing every few days, and hopefully hairballs will never form.

Good luck!

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I just feed her plain kitten food wet and dry from different brands (don't want her to get used to a special kind ). But nothing is with any hairball treatment.

She is not vomitting or anything. So I will wait and leek my eyes open

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