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Hey folks...

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I need a breather so I'm gonna go skulk in the weeds for awhile.

Guys,it's somebody else's turn to be the "Designated Man"and keep the Ladies stirred up. Joe? Bill? Ken? Don't be shy..step right up.

I will be watching tho... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Are you going on the road or did I miss something
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OH Oh! Me Me Pick ME Pick Me... C'Mon Me mE

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I'm not leaving or anything just gonna lay back and let one of the other guys have some fun.

Since Ken volunteered,he is now the Designated Man,Supreme Stirrer of the Pot and Defender of the Guy point of view. All brickbats,flames and pitying looks are to be directed at him. I pass on the slightly battered shield and a biiig box of bandaids.

I'm gonna sit quietly over here in the bushes;licking my wounds and basking in the glow of a job well done. Never fear,I'll still toss in a lowball occasionally..when I catch you females not looking. Otherwise I will be polishing up my image as the sweety of this site.:LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Go to it Ken..don't forget to duck.:LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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HAHAHAHA! Wayne's a baby, Wayne's a baby and Ken's a softie, Ken's a softie...na na na na naaaaaaaa na! hahahaha!

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Oh Gosh, Kittyfoot, I hope you are not "leaving" cause of our heated discussion in the Boycott Yahoo thread...........I am feeling guilty now. You are one of my favorite people here. If it was me who made you mad, I am so sorry . I was just trying to raise another side of a story..............

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Daniela, I'm sure he is not mad at you, so please don't feel bad...you are a sweety for asking, though.
Kittyfoot...are you tired of us??? :laughing: Or maybe us females just got the 'best' of you!! :LOL:
Seriously, why do you want to 'skulk' in the weeds???? We would miss you here! None of that 'skulking' allowed!!
Ken does a great job of upholding the man's point of view, and so does Joe, and the other men here, but we need you, too!
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I agree with Debby!! Kittyfoot, please stay!!!!!!!! It won't be any fun without you around to cause trouble!!!:tounge2: Ken and Joe need you!!!! They are outnumbered!!
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hahahaha...*evil grin* the female army is gathering it's troops together as we speak....look out!!
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Packa lunch...

Youz gonna need it....
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I'm not leaving...I'm just gonna conduct ops a little more covertly. Not mad at a soul. Ken,since he volunteered and being the stalwart and courageous soul that he is,will stand up in front. I'm shifting to "guerilla" style hit and run as it were. :tounge2:

Seriously tho,Mom is feeling better and I think we're going to have some part-time help for her. So I'll soon be going back to work,therefore I won't be on as often.
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Hi Wayne,

Well, I hope you don't hide in the weeds too long, you may get lost and we'll have to send a search party to look for you. Can't you get a laptop and drive? haha! Bad thought! hahaa!! I miss you already Hurry back soon

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Can you see him now, hanging from a rope in a loin cloth
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We will certainly miss seeing you here as often Wayne. I hope you decide to pop in often, just to make sure us ladies are behavin' ourselves!!!!!!!!
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Sandie...looooove the image!!!

Ladies,I will always be nearby...kinda like when you're someplace dark and still and you get that feeling that SOOOOOMETHING'S WATCHING!!!!:paranoid3 :vampireL: :bat

Ken..I'm glad to see how well you're taking charge. If you need a bit of guidance on dealing with the girls here check the secret Guy's Handbook,Page 19,section Q,article 14,second paragraph. (The next part is in Guy Code M). 33,29,14,66,321,1,77,33.. ..79?:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Ooh ooh.... I have to go get my secret decoder ring....

(I'vve kept it hidden from Sandie so far)

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Ken... you just THINK you've kept it hidden from Sandie, but us woman have a secret radar for things like that!!
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I know what the real issue is. Wayne, just admit you have reached an age where women just get the best of you. No matter how hard you try, you just can't win and you are tired of trying. Just kidding Wayne! If you need time take time - I will miss you on the site though!
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HAHAHA!!! Adrienne!!! I think you're right! :laughing2
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Women always get the BEST of me. I wouldn't have it any other way.:LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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