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About a lump on my cat's throat

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i Have a 6 year old cat,that has always seemed unhealthy, sleeping 21 hours a day year round. She gets regular shots and gets checked out at the Vet. She suffers from some sort of ailment, a puffy,red , eye every so often.

again the one vet in the area says she is healthy.

i was rubbing underneath her throat to get her to purr for awhile and about where an adams apple would be on a human's throat, i could feel a rather large lump inside her. Does this sound normal? its about the size of a dime.
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That doesn't sound normal to me. If you have a vet that tells you she's healthy when she has a swollen red eye, then you need a new vet. I have never felt any lumps in the throat area of my cats. It could be a swollen gland or something, but I am no vet. I hope your kitty is ok, and I hope someone else on this site can be more helpful to you than I, but honestly I think you need to change vets and get that lump looked at. Good luck to you and your kitty.
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If it's not a a clump of fur (a mat), I'd get her to a vet. The eye bit recurring as it does, ask your vet if they feel your cat is a herpes virus carrier, and about treating supportively with l-lysine (you can get capsules, open and apply the appropriate amt to get the dose your vet prescribeds, and mix with a bit of canned food).
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