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Pet Food Drive :whitecat:

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hi everyone! I wanted to share what I am doing at my school, I am putting on a pet food drive for cats & dogs for the closest humane socitey at my school. I love cats and dogs very much, well, and also every animal on this earth. But I just wanted to share this and I want more people to donate to humane sociteys, and to have more Pet Food Drives.

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Jacqueline...good for you. That's a great idea.
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Yay JOA! Good luck and thank you for your caring!

I also want to mention a couple of ideas that have worked in my area and been convenient enough so even uncaring people donate.

Petco here each month supports an animal charity. They simply ask you if you want to round up your purchase. I asked the cashier and she said almost every single person says yes, and they make a lot of money for charities this way. This might work at other pet stores or companies that want to support organizations for pets.

Also, I have seen pet food drive donation boxes at grocery and pet supply stores. This makes it so easy to go buy a little food and drop it off.
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I think what you are dong is great! Keep up the good work. Our unfortunate fur babes need all the help they can get........
Let us know how much food you get donated!
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Jacqueline.....my hat's off to you!!! Good going, girl!!! I wish more people had your heart! That is a great thing you are doing!!!
And Alicat, that also is a very good idea, about Petco.
There is one member on here, and I apologize, because I can't remember which one...that told us she buys cat food every so often, and goes around and feeds the local strays....I think things like this are so wonderful, and you guys all deserve an extra jewel in your crown, once you get to heaven.

And so do the people who take such an interest in animal causes and mistreated pets, and also the people who take in so many ferals, and care for them and try to give them a good home...the list goes on and on...there are so many wonderful people on this site.

Sorry if I got mushy there...but I truley beleive we have some extrodinary people here.
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