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Changed Litter ?

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Hi Everyone, First time I have posted here so if someone has already asked this question, Sorry.

I have 4 cats ( 2boys to 2girls) and recently changed the litter from Yesterdays News to the Worlds Best Cat Litter, 3 of the cats took straight to the litter but one of the male cats will not use the litter trays.

In the end we put a third tray down with the old litter, he used the tray staight away.

Is the best way to get him to change to mix the new litter in gradually with the old litter ? or has anyone got anymore suggestions.

Many Thanks
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yea maybe with him you just have to do a gradual mix/change..luckily my cat has had no problem going from johhny cat to crystal to clump now to pellets! lol. i did a gradual change at first..but now i just clean and replace with the new..i would gradually mix in the new, add on a layer or so..either let it sit or just stir it in..hopefully he'll enjoy it sooner or later! good luck
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i switched from a normal cat litter to yesterdays news but yasmine wasnt having it at all lol she went a full day without using the potty. So i mixed in 1/2 of the old with it...she walked around on it and still wouldnt use...so i had to go to another brand...but i have heard of doing the 1/2 and 1/2 and it works...good luck!
you can do a search on here for litter and you'll prolly see more ideas!
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