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Free picture album from Google

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Ok, call me a geek - but I just downloaded Picasa from Google. It went out, found all my pictures and I am happy cataloging, deleting and organizing. It makes looking at all my pics easy!
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Yup, I downloaded picasa a couple of weeks ago. Haven't spent as much time with it as I had hoped by now, but it sure looks good and it's not just an album, either. There seem to be some useful editing features, for instance, I did try out the red eye correction and it works better than any other I've run across. Must get back to my exploration of it.
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Yep, I am playing with it now - awesome editing capabilites! It actually makes some of my pictures of the black cats look good!
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I used to use that until I got Photoshop Elements, but I still use it sometimes because it has a cool collage feature, and it's just pretty. You can also download this Hello thing that works with Picassa and lets you send your pictures easily to anyone else with Hello, but I don't know why--email works!
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Is Picasa amenable to easily linking a photo (or photos) to a TCS posting in lieu of attaching a photo to your post? I have had Photobucket recommended for this purpose, but this ol' computer dummy finds it a little difficult for this worn out mind.

Thanks, gang,

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Thank you so much for posting about Picasa! It is so easy to use, I took a bunch of pictures of Harley and edited them with fun colors and black and whites, its a GREAT program!!
Not sure if its easy to link pictures on here from Picasa-I haven't quite figured that part out-if anyone knows, can they possibly fill me in?
Thank You!
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Sorry. Another question about Picasa. Can it be used to "downsize" a photo for posting to TCS? I use InfanView for this now and it works, but I really never know what is going to happen when I stumble through the process.

Thanks again,

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Jim, Picasa is one of the many types of image editing software that you might use to organize your photos on your computer and do any editing necessary (such as resizing) before uploading to the hosting site (photobucket) or attaching it to a post directly. Can you tell us what it is about photobucket that's giving you problems? I suspect that the challenge here is not fixing the problem, but identifying it -- not always easy.
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I think my dilemma is that I have not had the time to really give it a shot, or, looking at it another way, I am lazy. You are so correct in your analysis of the problem - I haven't really identified it. I decided to look at options before I really figured out what I am interested in getting. That being the case, how the devil am I going to assess options??

I sure envy you up there in BC. I am down on a beach on the Gulf of Mexico -- 100 deg. F. in the shade if you can find some shade. Too hot and muggy to even go sailing. Was last in BC many long years ago when I took the ferry up to Alaska, and vice versa a couple of years later. Beautiful part of the world!

I will get back to you if I figure out what my problem is, but the odds are I may solve it in the process.

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Looks to me (from your PM) like you are well on your way to cracking this. As I said, can't wait for more pics of your lovely babies. Samwise is a knockout, folks!

And, yes, you likely wouldn't mind being here today. We have sun and a little breeze and temps in the mid-20s celsius, so upper 70s F -- very pleasant.
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Thanks for posting about this. I've thought about downloading it but I kept forgetting about it. Sounds like another cool thing from Google!
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Thank you for the recommendation! I'm playing around with it now!
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I've heard about it but haven't yet got around to downloading it. Thank you for the reminder!
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That sounds awesome, i'm going to take a look at it now
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picasso is so awesome lol, i can zoom in on refernce photo's to get more detail, sort all my photo's easier and change them, i just love the collage feature.

i don't have any friends on there yet so if anyone wants to add me so we can share photo's, my username is felicia25 but my display name is just felica, not sure which one you would use though.

i will also be adding my pastel pictures so everyone can take a look if they want.


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Picasa is a godsend. I am an avid photographer, and it helps me organize my over 10,000 pictures! I don't know what I ever did without it.
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I know it said that it would not interfere with current programs. I just wanted to hear from some of you who have programs already, - I have a "mini version" of photoshop that came with my digital camera. Does anyone have other programs and then have downloaded it ?
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