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While Abby's humans are gone we're going to keep her company. Milky's already there with his "refreshments." Emma's brought her pink nail polish and Grace was going to bake some cookies. Everyone's welcome to stop by.
Pass the word along, okay?
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Ha! ha! ha! .....Oh my !!! definately Amie you´re the winner of the "Discretion" ...

come on Fellas Party at Abby´s home!!!! ....Margaritas, bloody marys and more in her home!!! ...
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Sophie wants to come!
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Originally Posted by sunnicat
Sophie wants to come!
Come on, go fast!!! the fun is starting!!! ....See you in Abby´s home!!!
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Tripod: "I'll bring some snacks! I've got the BEST dried anchovies you ever tasted!"

Oliver: "Cool! I'll bring my catnip plant and we'll have a real good time!"
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Guinness just brought some of his own pints with him, go check it out!
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come on friends is Friday!!! ...
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