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New Here. What to do for my cats Constipation???

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My cats has had problems with constipation for about 2 years. He now is on dry W/D science diet, 3cc of lactulose and is becoming constipated every 3 or 4 weeks. Nothing is helping. I have to take him to the vet and they give him enamas or get it out manually. This is becoming VERY expensive. Can anyone give me some other suggestions or advice on what to do. THANKS!!!!!

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Well, first id like to ask if your cats thyroid and kidneys have been checked. If they have and everything is fine you can try a few holistic treatments.
One of the things is to switch to either a home made diet or just wet food. Feeding them only once or twice a day helps since it all pushes through at the same time.
You can give 1 Tablespoon of milk a day or some metamucil or green bean baby food.
You can give them 1 teaspoon of slippery elm in their food, which you can find at a health food store.
Hope this helps a little.
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My vet perscribed a weekly laxative for my bengal to prevent hairball/constipation problems. It is very much like molasses. I just put it on his mouth and he licks it off! seems to like it. It is called Laxatone. It is $6.00 for a good sized tube that will probably last for months! Check it our with your vet. Good luck to you both!
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Add some mineral oil to its food.Start with a teaspoon to a half can of food, make sure you don't use too much because then the stool may get too loose.It works, just don't overdose!
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I posted to another thread http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...3?threadid=989

about a similiar problem. I won't go into it all here. I do want to add that my cat is on 2cc's of Lactolose. Also taking the Hill's Feline c/d-s food. She has been struggling with constipation since November. Even becoming impacted.

I agree it is becoming expensive. My problem is that my TwoPaws will not eat anything BUT dry food. I have tried treats, milk and wet food, she refuses to touch it. I've tried putting oil or a Bach's Rememdy on her dry food which she then refuses to eat.

So......... any other suggestions? TwoPaws is 7 years old and very sweet, to me. 8-) My vet says this can become (I think it has already) a chronic problem.

There is more to this story, I just don't want to repeat it here. If interested go to the site I mentioned. Thank you for your advice.
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From what I understand about the whole colon thing is that vets dont know all the reasons it happens. Just like we dont know why certain people develop things like irritable bowel syndrome. From what I have seen and the vet has treated RX or surgery depending on the diganosis is needed. I know Eukanuba has an RX food used alot. It is a low residue food and seems to work well. The RX's that have been used for the problem are propulsid and zantac. You may want to ask your vet about these. Also, it is VERY possible this is causing the behavior. When cats are not feeling well, they will usually act out to make it seem they are not weak in any way. I really hope you can get some answers tomorrow and maybe help your baby. Let us know how everything goes!!
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