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I have some good news.....

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.... I had a call yesterday afternoon from a recruitment agency I went to see on Tuesday this week in Richmond... They sent my CV to two different companies, both for Personal Assistant vacancies. Well, I got 2 interviews!! 1 with each company - both next week!

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That's great Gilly!! Good luck with both interviews!
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Fantastic news Gilly. I'm sending heaps of good vibes your way for the interviews! You'll do just fine
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That's smashing news Gilly! GOOD LUCK! Make sure you eat a good breakfast before your interviews!
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Yes! You made the first cut (getting past the slush pile of applications.)

Here's hoping
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I said that I could do the interviews with each company on any day next week - except the same day otherwise my brain will be a big mess! I think one is going to be on Wednesday and the other on Thursday.

One company is in Euston - so this means that I will still have to use the tube everyday, but it's 1 less tube stop than I use now. It is a property company working for the head of finance (CFO) - in the job that I just got made redundant from I worked for the CFO too so I guess this is why they want to interview me

The other company is in Liverpool St - this means I just need the overland train to the City. It is working for an Austrailian bank - PA to one of the directors and looking after a small team of 5 finance guys. I think I like the idea of having a small team as that means the work can be varied and busy

So yeah, thanks everyone for your wishes - I feel a lot better now interviews are coming! Thanks for crossing your fingers for me!
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Sounds very promising! Good luck!!!
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That's great news. Good luck on your interviews! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
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Gilly thats excellent news!.

My fingers are crossed for you
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Very best of luck for next week! I am sure you will wow them!
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Oh I'm so happy for you!! ! Can't wait to hear how they turn out!!
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Congratulations Gilly, my best wishes and super ultra Good Luck in both entreviews!!!

PS please keep us updated!
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Great news! You go girl! Wow 'em!

Seriously, I hope you get the one you like best.
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Wow!!! Best of Lucki!
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Oh Gilly! That's excellent news!

I hope they both go brilliantly! Sending lots of good interview }}}VIBES{{{

You'll certainly get the best one!
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Awesome, Gilly! Vibes flying your way!
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Congrats and good luck, Gilly!
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Good luck vibes headed your way!!
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Good interview vibes coming your way!!!!{{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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Thank you!!!!!!!!!

I am waiting for some phone calls this morning to tell me what time each interview is, where I am going etc.... Once all that's sorted I best decide on what suit to wear

I am trying not to get too nervous today because otherwise I will end up being a wreck tomorrow!
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