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My car has been stolen!

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I went into town at lunchtime for the normal meeting and lunch with my colleagues and parked round the corner from the School. One hour later, at 2 PM, it had vanished. I have just the entire afternoon in various police stations making statements, and also visiting the car pound in case it was there (neg). Apparently 4 cars were taken today from the centre of town, and the police think there is a gang at work. They take them, drive them into Serbia and sell them, no questions asked. The only thing in my favour is that I was accompanied by my boss, who also happens to be the ex-President of the country, so everyone kind of stood to attention when he walked in, and the police insisted on coming back to where I had parked and taking photos! Much good that will do them, it is just a parking space by the river, and there was no broken glass or anything. But at least I know the police will do everything they can. I was in the police HQ when they put out a call to all units describing the car, but it could be across the border two hours after it was stolen. It is a bummer, I can't afford for that to happen right now - I need all my resources while I renovate the new house. And to add insult to injury, the new cat carrier (minus cat) was on the back seat and a box with all my riding gear and three helmets was in the back.
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Oh no!!! I always dread that happening, poor you

Is it all covered by insurance??
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OMG!!!!!! I would FLIP!!!! I will definitly pray that you get your car back in one piece!!!
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Oh Jenny - how awful. Sending loads of vibes just in case they can pull something out of the hat and get your car back for you. Poor you
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Sorry about your car being stolen hope you get it back soon in one piece

Lara x x
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Oh how terrible. Do you have insurance that will cover part of your losses? The thief stole more than your car...he took your feeling of safety. You will recover from this financially & emotionally but you will never feel quite the same again. I hope that they catch the creep who did this.
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Yes, I have insurance of course, but I would be lucky to get back a fraction of what the car is really worth - it is a ten year old PAssat, but in very good condition and I have just spent 2,500 marks ( 1,250 Euros, $1,400) on new engine parts etc.
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Oh, my that's terrible! I hope insurance covers it?

One of the benefits of having old(er) cars here, they're rarely targeted. DH occasionally talks about me getting a new truck, but I swear, I think I'd rather keep the one I've got and not have to worry about it!
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Oh goodness, I am so sorry . At least you have friends in VERY high places, so hopefully the police will give you higher priority than the other stolen cars ( ). Please let us know how things turn out!
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How awful for you. But on the other hand your "connections" will make the police look a bit harder for your car.
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Jenny, I hope you know how sorry I am that this happened to you. Does your insurance cover theft? I hope it does. It wasn't the Renault you just bought was it? I am thinking of you and hope things work out all right . Your Friend Howard.
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I hope you get your car back, or at the least that insurance will cover you getting a new one.
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Oh I am sorry to hear this Jenny ... some people are so horrible! When my mum was visiting my dad in hospital her car was broken into in the hospital car park! People are just evil! I hope that you sort it out and the insurance covers you etc
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Oh no Jenny!! So sorry to hear that!
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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea
Oh Jenny - how awful. Sending loads of vibes just in case they can pull something out of the hat and get your car back for you. Poor you
...that´s awful Jenny.... I´m so sorry about that....
Receive a big hug from me.......
Don´t give it up! ...
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That is just afwul! I hope you get your car back and those nasty thieves are caught!
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Your boss is the ex-president? You DO have some friends in high places!!
Sorry to hear about your car - esp the equipment that was in it!
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How frustrating to lose your car and all of the belongings inside it! I'm so sorry!
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Hey I don't know how it works outside of USA, but if you have receipts or something for the work done to your car I would show the adjuster from the insurance company and they may be able to up the settlement, as well as providing oil change and other maintenance slips, etc. And for the personal property in your car, if you have a tenant or a homeowner policy, if the belongings were enough to go through the trouble of filing a claim, you may be able to collect from that.

Believe it or not car theft isn't all that uncommon. There are ways to protect yourself but a lot of times nothing can really be done. That's why you pay every month for insurance, otherwise it's pointless. Sorry it happened but I hope that everything works out well.
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How awful! I am so sorry. I hope that they can recover your car and belongings and catch whoever did this. Best wishes and hugs
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How awful. I'm sorry that happened.
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Believe me, guys, NOTHING works here like it does in normal places! An hour ago -, just after coming offline, I was all elated because I had a message from the organisation I used to work for to say they had had a call from the Serbian police to say they had my car! Great, but they didn't say where. So I called the police here and they called Serbia, only to tell me that the Serbian police had no record of my car, stolen or found. So I called the person who took the message (my successor at ICMP) and she told me that this caller said he was the police and had my car and wanted my number, which she refused to give. Then he hung up. And he called again, several times, and each time wanted a number for me but wouldn't give his on various pretexts - he was on a mobile, out of the office, etc. Anyway, I have passed all this on to the detective here, who said it was the thief, who wanted my number so he could demand a ransom for the car! It is apparently very common. On Monday we can probably get the telephone company to trace the number of hte call, buut meanwhile the police said the thieves may contact me by mail, so to watch out for that. I guess an old business card must have been in the car, which is why they called my old number at the office. My address is on the insurance certificate, also in the car. It's a bit scary as I am alone in the house this weekend, which normally I don't mind at all.
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Oh Jenny! I'm so sorry to hear this, you must be so devastated! It's bad enough that the car goes, but to loose other things too and for them to have your details It is always so inconvenient too!

Maybe they are hoping to sell the car back to you?! This will give the police some good lead - if they keep calling you!

I hope you get your car back in one piece and everything that was inside it!

Please stay safe and let us know what happens!
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Good Grief...these are really bad guys. Please be careful.
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You certainly have had an eventful week - not the kind of events one would welcome.

I assumed things would be much different there and that the chances of you getting your car back are pretty slim. I hope your insurance covers the carrier and horse equipment.

Do you know anyone who can come and stay with you this weekend? If I was closer I'd come over and bring my cast iron frying pan for protection.

Hugs to you Jenny - and of course the girls (extra kiss for pretty Persil )
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That's a complete bummer, Jenny!! I'm sorry you're having to deal with this, and hope things get sorted out without TOOOOOO much trouble or delay. That's a good idea from Linda to get someone to stay with you. The moral support would not go amiss, even if nothing untoward happens.
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Oh this is awful!!!! I'm so sorry. I hope they are able to catch them!
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My landlord is here this morning, as they are doing some repairs to the roof. But more importantly, a police car keeps coming round, stopping a few minutes outside, and then going off again. It certainly pays to have friends in the right places - I am sure they would not do that for just anyone who had their car stolen! Dr Ganic (my boss and Chancellor of the University who was President of Bosnia during part of the war) has been on the phone this morning too. He is pulling every contact he has to get it back. I almost feel sorry for what will happen to them if they get caught!

But it is so easy to feel paranoid. I was actually scared letting the cats out this morning - loads of 'what if?' questions like 'maybe they will catnap the girls next?', but I know that is silly, especially since I am here all day. Now I can do nothing but wait.
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I just saw this...I am so sorry I am glad you have this particular boss...whatever it takes to both protect you, and get your car back!
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Oh Jenny, that is awful!
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