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Crazy Kittens

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My girlfriend and I just adopted 2 10 week old male kitten brothers, yogi and boo boo. My question comes after having then 3 days. They play fight the whole time they are awake. They also get in to EVERYTHING. there is not stopping them. Is there a way to calm them down or disipline them when they get into things they arent supposed to be? Id just like to get them to calm down a little bit.... HELP US!!!!!!!
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You don't discipline them, they are kittens! Kittens run up and down drapes, jump on dressers, knock over figurines, climb up legs, bite hands that feed them! LOL They have insurmountable energy and the two of them are learning from each other. For kittens, learning is playing, playing is preying, learning how to hunt, to stalk, to attack. You can't calm them down but when they come of age and you neuter them, it will help. I call it Kitty Komikazee Kamp and welcome to it! Wear your badge proudly, I am sure there are claw and bite marks on it!
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Their doing what kittens do best, and i would advise you to enjoy every minute of it while their little because like children they grow up quickly

Their play fighting because they enjoy each others company and their having fun

If theres any expensive ornaments around, or anything sentimental for that matter, put them away and buy cheap ones, because they don't know any different when they charge full pelt and knock things over.

What i did and still do is to not let them sleep an hour before i go to bed, so make sure their active by playing with them and they'll usually sleep through the night
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My kitties are just a couple weeks older than yours and act the same. What rosie said is very good... we "run" our kitties around for half an hour or so before bed and they come tired out. You can also use a water bottle and squirt them so they learn which places they can't play. This doesn't work for my kitties because they aren't afraid of water. Lol

Have fun with them!
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Just to clarify they are fixed.....
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