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2 cat household, 1 cat pregnant...?

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I have 2 cats in my household, Kharma is the mum, she is 2, and Sutra is the baby, she is nearly 1.
I have a couple of questions...
1) Sutra is 6 weeks pregnant, with obviously her 1st litter. Now she and Kharma have been getting on really well lately, licking each other, loving each other, playing well, wanting to be near each other - which is great. My question is, I have just got the kitten box down, the same one Kharma used when she had her kittens, and have placed it under our bed with blankets and newspaper in it. I placed it under the bed, because it is a warm room, and Sutra usually sleeps on the bed, and Kharma had her kittens on the bed(right next to me) so I thought that maybe she might like where I have put it. Problem is, the two of them are sleeping in it together already and I dont know quite how Sutra will deal with this when she has the kittens. Do cats usually give each other space, should i seperate them when Sutra has the kittens? How do cats usually act with another cat hanging around?
Question 2) Sutra isn't one yr old yet and i have read that younger cats could have troubles with delivering and deformed kittens. Does anyone have anything else to add to that, good or bad?
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Kharmasutra...I don't know how to address your first question as I have never had a situation of a pregnant and non pregnant cat sharing a room (my fosters have always been seperated from my own cats). As far as concerns regarding her age, I can only speak to the cats that come into our rescue. We do find that the younger mothers do have more problems with delivery of kittens and that the kittens do tend to not be as healthy as when the mother was older and better prepared (both in size and in age) to handle them. My only suggestion to you is that once this litter is born to hold off on any subsequent litters until she has reached the age of 1 year of age. If this was an accidental pregnancy, then once the kittens are born and weaned, then it would be best to have her spayed.

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i have always been told to at least seperate other animals from the momma at least while she's having the kittens. after that depends on how stressed out they make her being around her babies, (or if they give her comfort!). you can ask the vet to do an ultra-sound exam to make sure that the kittens are okay.
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It's other species of animals expecially dogs and male cats you have to keep away from the female. Dogs and male cats might kill kittens if given an opportunity. The females should be fine together. You probably should just watch them together for a day or more just to make sure your older cat is ok with the kittens being in the box.

I think probably the biggest problem you will have is the older cat wanting to sleep in the box with the kittens. This doesnt happen too much I dont think but the older cat could always think the kittens were hers and move them. If it looks like the older cat is spending more time in the box with the kittens than the mother, the kittens might not be getting enough milk. If this is so, put the momma and kittens in a bathroom or an unused closet or just an unused room so the mother can be alone with the babies and the older cat wont bother them.
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Thanks heaps guys for your comments.
Another thing - now Kharma is enjoying sleeping in the box, and hissing at Sutra when she tries to sleep in it, so Sutra sleeps on the bed. Should I put it away until closer to the date?
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