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6 week old kitty

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I might be coming into a 6 week old kitten today or this weekend. From the conversation I've had with the "owner", she's not even sure what kind of food he's on, stating "some generic crunchy food".

I I'm picking up some kitten canned/pouches today (Innova if I can afford it, if not then I'll have to go with Nutro) and some dry, but outside of really good food is there anything in particular I should be supplementing him with? Growing up on a farm with kittens all the time I remember that 6 weeks was too young to be weaned and separated from mom; they didn't leave her until about 12 weeks to be properly socialized and secure enough that there was minimal separation anxiety when they were found homes. (and before I hear the speil about spaying...my father was adamantly against it, stating that the moment we got her "fixed" she'd just get hit by a car. She was a barn cat, so rarely in the house on the farm, mostly a mousing cat. She had 2 litters a year for 13 years and if it taught me anything, it taught me how essential spaying and neutering is. Though ok it did teach me how to raise kittens too. cute...fuzzy...ok wait I'm hijacking my own thread here)

So yeah. Is there anything else I can do for this tiny guy to make sure he gets the best nutrition when he gets here? I've seen the milk in the pet stores, and see recepies for home made milk/glop here, but not sure I wouldn't be setting him back or doing more harm than good in giving him something like that.

Thank you all for being SUCH an incredible resource the last few days, by the way. I can't imagine going through this stuff blind; threads on introducing a new cat, behavior issues, feeding issues...this is such an invaluable place. I'm so happy I stumbled onto it. I'm definately one of those people who absolutely spoil their cats, feed them better than I eat, see them as my children, and I'm so relieved to know I'm not the only one.
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Welcome to TCS...I would recommend this site as a start:


When I had a foster mom cat and her kittens. I fed both a small can of moist food and some good quality dry food. I would also give them KMR in a bowl.

Since you don't know his history....I would recommend setting up a vet appt. to have him checked over to make sure he is healthy.

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