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kittens not.. pooping...

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I'm sorry about the stupid subject line. We got two small kittens, probably too small but the circumstances left no choice, and at first they wouldn't eat at all but now they seemed to settle in and are eating and drinking and playing and purring, etc.

But they aren't going to the bathroom at all! We got them on weds night around 8pm and it's friday morning around 9am and no excrement or urine at all I figured they would be pooping and peeing up a storm but nothing. I need to know how often they should be going.. I know that they are big enough to do it themselves, well at least according to the developmental chart thing if they are playing and purring and stuff they are past the 'i need my butthole stimulated' stage.. but nothing is coming out? They are in a cardboard pen at the time until we can trust them not to injure themselves out of it and there is no litter because I don't want them to eat it, but maybe they aren't going because of that? But they didn't have a litter box at their old house either.

Any ideas? I know my adult cats goes #2 at least once a day and pees like 5 times, but I never really raised a kitten by myself so I don't know the norm. They are probably about 5 weeks old, give or take a week. They are too young
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how old are they?? if theyre very young sometimes they need stimulation to pass a movement.
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They may be younger than you think, and if you don't give them litter, what are they supposed to use? If you use clay litter and not clumping, unless they are swallowing huge mouthfuls, they may sample it every now and again, but just wipe it off their mouth. Don't use a regular size litter pan and give them two pans about the size of cake pans so they can use it easier
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they are not too young.....my kittens were four wks old and using the litter box....try and do as hissy says and maybe even a piece of feces from the other cat as long as they are healthy...in the kittens litter and maybe that will help...it did with mine...i used mommas and they knew what to do from there....keep us posted
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