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Hi everyone, I am just signing on. I was on another site, but had to leave it because of the porno pictures the moderators were letting appear. I was referred by Tigger.
I have a solid black male cat about 18 months old. I have had him since he was 2 months old. He has extra toes on both of his front feet. His name is Bobie. My boyfriend calls him Sambo! And he answers to both.
I will try to visit as often as possible, and I hope to make some nice friends here. Happy to be on board.
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Hi Sophia,
Glad you could make it! I promise, you will love it here!!
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Welcome to The Cat Site!
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Welcome Sophia,

I know the board in question, and I hope they NEVER find their way here.

If they do, one thing I can say is that there is almost always a moderator signed on, and that junk would disappear as fast as it went up.

Another benefit of our site is that you will see activity and get answers to your questions.

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Sophia.....love your name!
And Welcome to our little catsite family.
Meow to your fur babe!
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I have a little black cat too! Mine's just a baby still--3 1/2 months now and into everything--welcome I look forward to reading your posts!
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