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Game: Guess The Infomercial Quote.dum

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I don't care if this thread drops off the first page like a rock. I've got these infomercials in my head and need to poison other minds with their drivel.


1. Try to guess the infomercial product based on a verbal quote or paraphrase about the product.
2. If your guess is wrong, ask a question about the infomercial that will get you a "yes" or "no" answer. For example, "Is this a hair product?" or "Is this a kitchen appliance?"
3. If you guess right, you have to post a quote (or paraphrase as close as possible) about another infomercial product and the rest of us are up to guessing.

I'll start with the first one This is one of the lines they say in an informercial I just saw:

Infomercial Quote: "All I did was press play... all I did was press play"
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A hyperactive kitten running all about the room in a frenzy?

I'm not up on the lastest infomercials...let's see, is it something for listening to music?
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Nope, not about music. I'll give a hint. It's to help you lose something.
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CD/DVD/VIDEO/CASSETTE TAPE that you listen to and loose weight?
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+You do realize that by participating you acknowledge you actually watch these mind-numbers that are getting more and more annoying because that is all we can find on network TV when we can watch it?
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I stumbled across an hysterical one yesterday for some kitchen appliance. They weren't even trying to pretend to be. . . I don't know the right word. . .

All the "characters" in the kitchen were such flaming stereotypes. When the "grandmother" appeared in her satin bath robe with curlers in her hair and a cigarette dangling from her mouth I quickly moved on.
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The quote was "women are going to love you for this!"
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