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[B]Soft Paws, Should I use them?[/B]

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I was hoping for some advise regarding the Soft Paws nail caps. I have a pack in front of me, but I don't know if I should use them. I have a 5 month old Kitten named Buddy and he likes to tear up my Couch!! I have bought him scratchers and a carpeted cat condo, but he seems to only like my couch. I just wasn't sure about the soft paws and would like some feedback regarding them before I either use them or return them. Thanks!
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I love them-- Peanut Butter our kitten likes to scratch at the carpet in front of our bedroom door-- thats pretty much the only place he does it. He does use all 3 scratching posts that we have for him though too. I put them on the first time on PB in about 15-20 minutes ( he was napping) and it was a sinch. All have fallen off but 2 as of last nite wheni checked so i will be replacing those tonite. I love em. I dont have to worry about PB accidentally scratching either of my kids when PB gets in one of his attack anything that moves moods. and hubby doesnt have to worry about PB tearing up the carpet in our room. Plus I dont have little scratches all over my scalp anymore since i put them on him. ( PB likes to knead my hair at nite as we are falling asleep) My BIL in Houston TX was going to take his kitten to the vet to get him declawed because he attacks everyone and is leaving major scars. I convinced him to let me buy him a pack of softclaws and I would put them on Sterling when we are down there next weekend and he can decide after that. Hopefully I have saved one more cat from a inhumane declaw!

I just cant say enough good about them. I think I willget colored ones though when PB gets bigger-- I cant find those clear kitten ones when they fall off.

Good luck!
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Try doing a search on Soft Paws on this site... many people have asked about them and I always ramble on with the same speech about how much I love them and promote them.... so to save the others that have read every other post I've done on these, hehe, I suggest searching... good luck! (If you can't find the threads on soft paws, let me know, I'm sure I'd be able to find them)
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Go ahead & give them a try. They worked really well for my cats - I used soft paws while training my cats to use their scratching posts & mats, & to leave the couch alone. If you're nervous about applying them yourself, ask a vet or groomer to apply them for you & show you how it's done (they'll charge for it, though). The www.softpaws.com web site has good instructions too, answers on their FAQ page, and you can even contact them with specific questions.

Another thought - try & look at your house from your kitten's eyes, and figure out why he seems to prefer the couch to his scratching posts. Is the couch sturdier than his post or scratchers? What kind of fabric is the couch made of? Does he scratch the corners of the couch vertically, or the back or the couch horizontally? Find (or build) a scratching post or scratching surface for him that has the properties he seems to prefer, and then make the couch unappealing, by attaching double-sided sticky tape or aluminum foil to the areas he scratches on. Also, make sure his allowed scratching surfaces are near places where he'll naturally want to scratch - the places where he spends most of his time, and especially near where he likes to nap.

Sorry for the mini-novel! Hope this helps
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