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How much should I feed him.

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How much should I feed a nuetered male cat which is about 5 months old? I feed him both wet and dry food, but he is always asking for food. The vet told me to not overfeed him since his metabolism will slow down due to being fixed. My friends cat got fat after being spayed, and I don't want the same to happen to Buddy. He is an indoor cat and not very active, he likes to only sleep, eat and be petted, he doesn't play too much, although I do try to push him to run around each day a little. Just hoping for some advise. I don't want to overfeed him, but of course I definetley don't want him to feel hungry either.
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Is he eating kitten or adult food?? are you feeding within the guidelines on the bag??
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I am feeding him Purina kitten chow dry food, right now I am trying friskies kitten wet food, but we have tried a few wet foods because he has been picky with the wet food, so far he seems to like the friskies. The dry food bag says to feed him 4 times per day until 1 year. The vet says 3 times, and then to cut it down to 2 times per day once he about 6 or 7 months. I have been giving him dry food 2 times and wet food 1 time, but he wants more. And I feel bad and want to give him more. People say that cats will control their appetite, but I know that is not always true, expecially with nuetered and spayed cats since their metabolism slows due to the lack of hormones. And an overweight cat ends up with more health problems. My friends cat became overweight and couldn't clean herself, began limping due to the weight, even diet food didn't help that cat. I know that they are not the same cat, but I just want my Buddy to grow up healthy and strong and I want to make sure I do the right thing for him.
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I think you should give it food when it is hungry. Its is a growing! This is like denying food to a human baby when it cries out of hunger. Hunger pains are universal. How can you bear its cries for more food? I give my 5 monther food 3 times per day and whenever he wants more I give him more. He was neutered at 7 weeks and I got him at 9 week and I have NEVER denied him food. And he is in top shape. You wont overfeed him. That vet is talking non sense. Even if you do and he becomes a bit chuby, so what? When he is fully grown at around 12 months you just slowly reduce his food until he looks fit and health. Althouhg I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY doubt this will happen. Feed him at least 3 times per day until 12 months. Maybe he has worms, has he been checked for worms?

Below is a current pic of my little buddy a few days ago,

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He had a full physical exam, with all his vacinations and was dewormed just 2 weeks ago. I am continuing to feed him 3 times per day. I just wanted to know from others how much to feed him. Some wisdom from cat owners with experience. Thank You!
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Your Cat is Gorgeous!
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Feed 3 times a day 1/3 of what the bag says at each feeding... I would also look into some higher quality kitten food ...
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