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I'm Knot happy! Please help!

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Hey everyone. I'm having the same problem. However, my cat Cuddles (Himalayan) is so knotted and matted, that i cannot tell where the knot ends and his skin begins.

I have attempted to cut the knots, and some he'll allow me to do. Others, he begins to lick me, but once the scissors get about halfway through, he scratches me and tries to get away, making me worried that i'm hurting him.

What else can i try?

Originally Posted by LittleFidget
im still getting used to fidget as iv'e only had her a few weeks now and i know she has never been for professional grooming, even though we brush her everyday. today i was brushing her when i noticed what i thought was a huge flat piece of cotton wool, on closer inspection it turns out the cotton was fur and impossible to undo, i don't know what to do as i can't afford to take her the groomers and i was wondering if i should cut out the knot as she has been scratching it a lot...but being quite a big knot it may leave an uneveness in her fur and im not sure what to do. i'm taking her the vet in about a week to be speyed (God bless the thing, she's going through her first heat!) but its quite a while for her and i to wait to sort this out as we really want to get rid of it! help me please! also, when i bought her she had a collar (with a bell if any relevance) but should i remove it? im not sure as she has long hair and this might be the future cause of more knots.
would love some advice as soon as possible, thanx
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I split your thread off the other one- please take your cat either to a professional groomer or a vet. The vet will sometimes sedate the cat to get it shaved, but the knots need to come out rather quickly as they can cause problems in the health of the coat and skin.
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I agree with what hissy said. You need to get this one to a pro. the knots sound pretty bad. and being so close to the skin you do not want to risk cutting, and if they stay your going to get more skin irrations.
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These are dangerous mats. Not only are they uncomfortable for the cats but it is probable that if you try to cut them out yourself, the cat will get cut or knicked. Please take your cat(s) to a professional groomer or vet and have them shaved. Then you can start over and keep them mat free by regular grooming.

My cats are strictly inside cats so they are chipped and don't wear collars because I find they will get mats (or knots) more easily. I can't stress enough though, how important regular grooming is (combing and brushing). The mats come from dead hair that is trying to fall out. If you brush and comb regularly, it should greatly minimize or even eliminate these mats. Especially these kind that are so bad they attach to the skin.
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My cat would get knots and matts if she was not groomed regularly, and she was a short hair! When it would happen I would take her to a groomer. The matting is extremly uncomfortable for the cats, and need to be shaven ASAP, before it becomes very painful. Once you have removed the knots, please groom you cat daily. Especially long hair cats, they need grooming daily, sometimes more.
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