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My little boy is lucky!

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Yesterday Gabe started school for the first time and guess who turns up? The prime minister of NZ - she came to school yesterday (plugging herself for the elections) and he was on tv yesterday with the Prime Minister (Helen Clark) talking to him. He looked so stiff - he has no idea who she is! But how often do you start school and have the prime minister talking to you! he is loving school now though!
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Wow, what a lucky boy!

For most people, just the first day of school is memorable enough, but meeting the PM as well? Glad you were able to share this first day with him....he'll grow up before you know it.

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Kass - so am I too, we have been having so much fun, I was showing him the baking soda/vinegar experiment and that with a balloon on top of the bottle, he just loved that. Also hes so full of energy, he keeps me on my toes LOL! And on his birthday yesterday, we built stuff out of the lego that I got him, that was fun for me too - I love lego!
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You know how thrilled I am that you are finally with Gabe. I can 'see' the excitement you are having through the written words in your post.

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That is really neat. I hope that you were able to get pictures of Gabe with the Prime Minister. You can show them to him when he is older.
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Unfortunately not, but I think my grandparents recorded it so I will ask if I can borrow it and put it onto a cd. I had no idea she was coming.
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The PM's people or the press may have taken pictures. I hope that you can find some. He really will enjoy knowing about this later in his life.
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woah! that sounds cool!! Glad that you have finally settled back home...
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WOW! That is certainly one special first day of school!

If you contact the PM's people, they may give you some of the photos they have taken! The newspapers will do the same if you contact them!

I'm pleased you have settled back in so well and Gabe has settled into school too!
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That's cool Kellye! I bet he'll be excited to see himself on TV if your family recorded it for you.
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Oh lucky thing, not that I am a big fan of Mrs Clark though!
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Thats something for him to look back on in years to come Kellye

So pleased he's settled in at school as well
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Oh wow, that is too cool! Lucky boy!
And how lucky are y'all to live in a country led by a WOMAN? Awesome!!!
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
Oh wow, that is too cool! Lucky boy!
And how lucky are y'all to live in a country led by a WOMAN? Awesome!!!
She is our second female prime minister!
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