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cat picks up things

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do you ever catch your cat carrying things in their mouths? my little bengal river does it all the time! lol its so funny, he seriously has carried my dog's toys and even my contact solution bottle in his mouth!! i have this feathery toy on a stick, and i've caught him carrying it with this purple stick hanging from it! its such a crack up! lol
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Yep, they do it all the time. It's funny when Sophie runs around the house with her lobster toy in her mouth. Cracks me up every time!
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Alex carries his toys all the time. He has these plastic jingly balls that hang out one side of his mouth when he carries them...so funny. We also have one of those toys that is a plastic stick with a string and a feather on the end of it. Cleo picks up the feathers and carries them around, dragging the rest of the thing behind her.
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My cat is always doing it, it so cute and very funny The bigger the object the funnier it gets.
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thats true!! like river will try to be all sneaky when hes carrying stuff!! love it! lol.
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Bayl loves a feather boa i have so she carries that up and down the stairs. I had 2 tinsle garland ropes that were stuck together and as a kitten she dragged those all over the house... so tiny caring such big ropes
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My Bonnie would play "fetch" with me. I would throw one of her jungly balls and she would chase it and bring it back to me to throw again and again. She would get so perturbed at me when I would fake throwing it and she would try to catch it. She would only fall for that gag once. When she was done playing, she would deposit her ball in her water dish. Sometimes she would "wash" that ball in the water and then wait for me to pick it up and throw it
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Max carrys things too. I've caught him running off with a 50p piece, my mascara, and he tried to run off with a clothes hanger but it was too big! When we play with his 'blue elephant on a piece of elastic attached to a stick' he jumps into the air, grabs it, lands, digs his teeth in and runs off to the corner of the room dragging the whole thing behind him. Never fails to make me laugh
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They always seem to walk so proud and tall when they're carrying something, huh?lol Mine has taken to fetch my dirty sock from the laudry basket, carrying them around a bit and just drop them some place (usually in the middle of the living room, when I have guests...lol)
This one time, my very little Luna tried to carry around a big, long, knitted jacket around! Gone was the pride and tall walk of victory, she was practically crawling around, pulling on the thing with all her might.lol Very stubborn.;P
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PB has a huge stash under the bed right in the center just out of my reach-- he has about 3 dozen of the slotted balls with bells in them, 5-8 feather toys, and at least one contact lens case of mine, 2 compacts of pressed powder, 3 or more of my dogs' toys, 2 half eaten raw bones that he stole from the dogs, and a multitude of pens, paperclips and other stuff he has stolen off my desk-- I think my driver's license is in there too as i cant find it.

So does your cat have a "stash"?
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Does this answer your queston?

Cosy does it all the time!
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yes, they seem to do this a lot. although when my cats carry things i usually don't see those things for quite some time....
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Last night I found all the kittens toys and about a dozen of my hair binders under the fridge. I pulled it all out and in the morning most of it was back under it. Lol I am only giving them a couple toys at a time now.

Bogey also will steal and bra I leave out and will run around tripping over it. It is the cutest thing to watch.
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