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hubby gave PB a bath... how do i dry him?

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hubby decided poor Peanut Butter needed a bath after he got thru bathing our chinese crested dog. So since PB was sitting on the counter watching Calista get bathed, Hubby just picked him up and started bathing him-- not too bad a reaction-- hubby came out of it with NO scratches at all-- I came home to find poor PB wet-- i towel dried him the best i could but how can i dry him off better? Never bathed a cat before much less dried one soi need some suggestions. Towels arent working well -- should i jsut let him lick himself dry? he isnt standing for me to comb him and the blow dryer is totally out of the question...

Suggestions anyone?
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Cycle some towels in the dryer and while they are still warm towel him dry.
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I just use towels.
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Thanks for the suggestion on the dryer use-- hes almost dry now-- i just didnt want him to catch a cold being wet in our house with the air on 70 degrees.
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ii dont have a dryer but i hanf them on the deck and warm em up hehehe
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Ha ha ... I thought you were asking how to dry off hubby after he gave the cat a bath!!
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Oliver gets a monthly bath - which he loves - and I just use pet towels (I got mine from Fosters and Smith - they're basically giant shammies)... I dry him off as much as I can, then let him do the rest... occasionally I'll brush him while he's licking dry but he usually wont let me do that for long... it doesnt take him all that long to get completely dry either
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Good tip on cycling the towels, MA, which I'd never thought of. I've been putting off giving my boys a bath, because ordinarily I only bathe about 2-3 times a year anyway. They've been home for 3 months now and I guess it's time. Oh, joy! This is going to be such fun (not!). I'm going to try to get them used to a hair dryer, most "machinery" doesn't bother them, these are the first cats I've had that didn't run from the room when the vacuum cleaner starts! It can't be any worse than getting half a ton of horse used to clippers, now, can it ? In any case warm towels will definitely help.
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My cat likes being groomed and blow dryed with the hair dryer set on warm heat. He loves it, he just lays back and flops all his legs back, while I dry him. And he is dry in just a few minutes. It won't work on all cats, some might get scared from the dryer noise, but you can try it on warm heat and low blowing setting.
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The towel method is awesome for those cats who just won't get used to a blow dryer. But unless you want to sit and hold them for hours till their dry, I may have a couple other suggestions. (Even though I know your problem is already solved). If a cat gets wet for any reason, I would temporarily turn the air off until he is dry. Some folks can turn it off in one room even and close the cat in that room. Maybe even with a (safe) portable heater. Even when I bathe my cats in the winter, before putting them in the water, I turn the heat up to at least 85 until I can get them out and dry them. Also, There are hair dryers that are 75-80% quieter now and that makes a big difference for some folks. You can buy pet dryers but I just use my own blow dryer. They don't usually blow as hard but they dry faster and are quieter(go figure but it's technology). Another tip with the blow dryer is to turn it on before hand and then bring the cat to it so the noise is more gradual and not starteling. Another trick some groomers and catteries use to get the cat used to the blow dryer, is to put the cat in a small carrier (traditional or hard sided) and blow dry them a little bit through that. And always remember to talk softly to them while you're doing it and reassure them!
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