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Enron Exec Suicide

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Clifford Baxter, Ex-Vice Chairman for Enron commits suicide. Baxter is one of those listed as defendent.

Here's a link to the story

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that it really was a suicide? Now they have a scapegoat to blame everything on, one that can't answer any charges leveled against him
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All I have to say is ...... what a way to go. You know, it's sad when people have to resort to suicide, because they are too scared or just cannot go on living. And, the way they end it w/ a gun has got to be just absolutely horrifying.
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I heard on the morning news he had small children as well. how horrible for them and his wife. I also heard he was one of the only employees with any conscience , and that perhaps he couldn't have stood having to testify against his fellow employees and friends. he apparently knew something was going on, and that he would be called to testify against them. That is what the news said is probably why he did this. So so sad.
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