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Hey, I asked this on another forum...I thought someone might know more in here though...
"uh a question in general...Bodhi is a Snowshoe Siamese, and his brother is two months older....his name is Tengzeng...he's a 3/4 Manx Burmese. Tengzeng is about six months old and has been very hyper and very playful....I read up on his breeds and that sounds normal (he's a joy and a terror all at once)....Bodhi is much quieter though. I couldn't find much about the normal demeanor of Siamese. Will these guys be good playmates? Or will Tengzeng be too hyperactive for Bodhi to really connect with? It seems that Bodhi sometimes gets exasperated with his big brother, and we were worried that maybe his constipation could have been caused by stress."