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Gonna be Gone for Awhile, Guys!

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Well, Saturday is moving day!!
Tomorrow we're loading up boxes in a Uhaul to take over to the new house--they finished painting the inside and cleaning the carpets today and it looks great!
So, I'm going to be AWOL for awhile, the DSL at the new house won't be able to be turned on until the 2nd.

Tonight I have to finish packing and drag the boxes into the front hall, then tomorrow I'll be moving and unpacking all day, Saturday the furniture is being moved over, and my parents are coming into town to help us unpack, and they're buying us a new guest room set as an Anniversary present.

SOOO-- I'll be back on the 2nd, although I'll probably pop in before then, there's a coffee shop a half a block away from the new house with free Wi-Fi.

I'm hoping the kitties won't be too freaked out--Oliver's already moved twice, and didn't seem to care either time, so I'm not too worried about him, but Miss Emma is such a delicate little flower
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Good luck! I'm sure the kitties will do fine! Try to come see us if you can
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Good Luck with the Move!

That's a really nice present from your parents too!
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ahhh... moving. how fun!
I'm moving too next week. It's fun to live surrounded by boxes isn't it?

Good luck with the move!
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Good luck! Hope the settling in goes smoothly for all!
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Good luck!
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Good luck on your respective moves. Lots of fun but exciting.

Mika says to tell Ollie not to get too upset with the move.
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Best of luck on the move! I hope you and your family are very happy at your new home.
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Oooh, GOOD LUCK with your move! And wow, new guest bedroom furniture- what a GREAT anniversary gift!

Hope the kits handle things well
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