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New to the Board

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My name is Paula and I am the proud owner of 4 bright and mischevious Siamese.... Beamish, Coco, Lizzie Dripping & Ming (The Merciless).

I love reading and talking about my cats.... and anyones elses in all honesty.

I have 3 Bridge babies :angel2: .... Mr Perkins (a chocolate point) Mouse (my Seal point baby - actually he was 15 when he passed over) and Minnie (my sweet lilac tabby who died from that wicked disease FIP)

I would love to get to know you and your cats.
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Welcome to TCS Paula! I also am crazy about my 5 babies. Mine are all "mutts". I enjoy nothing better then laying on the couch with a book in my hands & a cat on my lap. Hope to see you posting often. If you ever want to chat send me a PM.
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Welcome to the site - you'll find everyone is wonderful and soooo insightfull.

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Hello, welcome to the site!!!! We hope you like it here. We would love to see pictures of your babies! Please post often!!!!
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I'm the proud Mama to 2 black and white tuxie females, Cagney {3 yrs} and Lily (10 mths), and one Seal/Chocolate point Meezer male, Rudy {5 mths}.

Wouldnt life be dull without cats? :laughing2
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Welcome from me and my little black cat!
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Welcome to the cat site! I hope you enjoy posting and reading about everyone's Fur Babies! I myself have 5. Twinkles is a 9 yr old F. Tigger is a big, fat orange tabby. He will be 2 on march 11 2002.
Pepper is a Havana Cross, He is 10 months old. Mimi is a Birman...Just found that out! We used to think that she was a Traditional Balinese! There is a big post in the breeders forum about it! Vader is a Bombay Cross. He is a Male. We also have a big red golden retriever Male...Not sure of his age. Took him in as a stray. Have fun at the cat site! :homer: :homer: :homer: :homer: :homer: :laughing: :flash: :teddy: :angel4: :daisy: :daisy: :flower: :girly2: :bubbly: :bat :mimouse: :girly1:
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