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Cat acting strange

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First, i have six cats, they all get along just fine. The one i'm going to talk about has a brother that we have as a pet also. And hes brother is just fine.

Hes about 5 months old and few the past 36 hours he has been acting strange. He hasn't been eating much or drinking much and he looks very weak and is always sitting in one place for a long time He also will go in one of the two bathrooms we have and just start to meow as long as he can, then he will just stay there for a very long time. I was thinking that maybe something that happened a while ago in the bathroom would make him do this but i can think of anything other than baths, and those always went well. He doesn't have worms and hasn't been neglected at all. Him as his brother has alway gotten along also.

We still have his mom for a cat also, but she is pregnant and has only been coming home for food and water lately, i'm not sure where she goes. So i thought that he might of been depressed from not seeing his mother but when she came back and put him next to her and he just sat there...

He has also been sleeping weird, like he will just be sitting and put his head down and fall asleep... So i'm not sure what i should do with him, cant afford to take him to a vet. So if anyone has any idea of what to do i would be grateful. Thanks.
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You have to take him to a vet. "Can't afford" is not an option. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but every time I hear that excuse, I know that there is some way that things can be worked out with the vet for a payment plan, sacrifices made to cut back on other expenses, etc. etc. so that a cat can have proper medical care. That's what your responsibility is toward him. In fact, if an animal in need of medical care is denied that care, the authorities consider it animal cruelty. "Can't afford" is not an excuse. If a person really has no way to pay for needed veterinary care, the only option is surrender to an organization that can take care of it.
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ohhh, the poor little guy, he sounds pretty sick. Have you tried containing him in one room by himself...maybe he needs less stimulation until he can see a vet.
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If you must know Coaster, i lost my job about two weeks ago. So not only am i worrying about my cat but my bills and rent are coming up also and i don't have any money. So in my eyes, im in quite a predicament. Thats why im asking for advice.
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I'm so sorry this is happening to you and your cat, and I have absolutely been where you are now. My husband and I went through a year of extreme financial difficulty where we both lost our jobs and couldn't find steady work. We too had rent and a lot of bills and of course, right when we are in the middle of one of the worst times in our lives our cats needed medical care. Our vet helped us out. I don't mean for this to sound like we were laid off and still took our cats to the vet so why don't you. I understand they way you are torn between caring for your cat and maintaining a roof over your head and a good credit rating. However, you must believe us when we say that the vet will work with you on a payment plan. If you explain your situation, they will set you up with payments that you will be able to make. They may also allow you to postpone making payments until you are in a better situation. Please talk to your vet, and if your current vet will not help you there are still offices out there that will. Besides, any vet that does not put the animal first is not a good vet anyway. It may take time, and with animals involved it may take sacrifices, but I'm sure everything will be alright.
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Alex, I can understand fully your predicament, but do you understand that there is a possibility based on what your posted that your cat is very very sick and no one here can cure him? We are not vets, we are concerned and loving cat people and you need to take this cat to a vet. If you have a regular vet I am sure he or she will work out something with you payment wise.

You have very little money, you have six cats and a pregnant one as well? How are you going to provide for all of these lives under your care?

Your plea and others like it is why I wrote this article. I hope it helps you

Can't Afford a Vet
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I understand what your saying Hissy, and i wasn't looking for professional help. Just hoping maybe someone has had the same problem with there cat and could help me out with some information. But after reading everyone post and Hissy article, I will try to get a ride from a family member and go to a vet. Dont have a vet myself but hopefully we can work something out with them... Thanks for the advice guys.
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No thank you! Please stay in touch with us and let us know what the vet finds out? I hope your kitty will be okay.
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Have you considered that whatever is making your cat sick could spread to the other 5? You must get him seen to even if it means borrowing, or explaining your immediate circs. to the vet, or going to a shelter where they'll have him treated.
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Lots of luck heading your way Alex for both you and your cat
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Originally Posted by hissy
I wrote this article...Can't Afford a Vet
That's a great article.

I'm very sorry about your situation Alex. Hard times require hard choices, and often teach hard lessons. Hissy's article gives the advice you're asking for here. I hope everything works out for you and your cats.
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Originally Posted by Larke
Have you considered that whatever is making your cat sick could spread to the other 5? You must get him seen to even if it means borrowing, or explaining your immediate circs. to the vet, or going to a shelter where they'll have him treated.
No i haven't even thought about that. They all look fine atm, so i'm thinking its just this one cat. But ill keep an eye out for the others. On another note the cat hasn't been eating much. I even gave it some tuna and he didn't even eat all of that!!! But i wont be able to find anything out until Money cause the only vets around here are closed ont he weekends.
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alex. private message me i will pay for the kitten and the female to be spayed.
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I know you should take him to the vet, but my first thought was that maybe he's too hot. If he was too hot he wouldn't have the energy to eat, play, move around a lot--and your bathroom might be cooler because of the different floor and closed-in area.. He could be meowing because he's bored in there.

You said you just lost your job (I'm sorry about that ), have you turned the a/c off to save money? Your other cats are fine, but does this one have more hair? He might just be more sensitive.

Anyway, I'm not diagnosing your cat, just offering another suggestion. If it's not warm in your house, then it's obviously not that but if it is then you could try cooling it off and see if he gets better.

Good luck!
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Well i made a appointment to see the vet on monday but i also called a vet advice line to see if they could give me an idea of what it was. When i was done telling her everything about my cat she said that it was most likely anemic. Which i guess is something to do with the red blood cells. The lady said that because how long this has been going on for that i might have to get him a blood transfer. Guess ill have to see what the vet says.

Also, i found out my cat has a bad amount of feas on him. I'm just about to go buy advantage for him but i hope its not the fleas that are making this happen to him.

And thanks very much for the offer Wendy but as my current situation is, its looks like im going to have to get rid of all of my cats...
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Fleas will cause anemia if it's a bad infestation and untreated for too long of a time. But it sounds like he's past the point where just getting rid of the fleas will make him well again.
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Well they have had fleas before and we gave all of them Advantage. But for some strange reason this time out of all 6 cats only two of them have any fleas at all. One of them is the mother (Bella) who has just given birth to 6 beautiful kittens (3 orange, 2 calico, 1 black) and the other one i'm talking about. Bella only has a few fleas but we just gave her advantage so she should be fine. But for some reason my cat has a large amount of fleas. Enough to where i can pet his head the wrong way and see lots of flea eggs fall out . And one week ago he was just fine running about and playing with his brother. I really hope it isn't to late i just gave him advantage as well and am feeding him tuna and snacks just to try to get him to eat but he wont even eat that.
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....sad to say but unforturitly my cat pasted away around 12:30am. guess i didnt get it to the vet in time. But thanks for the advice.
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