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New Foal Cam- Appy baby due anyday - Page 2

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Its a GIRL
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How Incredible!!!

What a beautiful little filly, I love dark Appy's!
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Melissa - how do you know it is a girl? Amimal dummy here
Also - now I am anxiously awaiting the little one to get up and his the first drink!
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lets try to post a pic of the little angel...
(the pic says Its A Filly in the bottom right corner)
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Ok, 1 more and I promise I'm finished...
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Duh! I was so intent on looking at the little one that I missed that sign all together! Way to go me!!!!!

Also - I saw her eating - never in my life have I seen a live birth - this was fantastic!
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ummmm....I lied...
(but I'm really done now...really)
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Shes up and walking already Wow! What a cutie Can't wait to find out her name
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I got one! How about Oreo? Or Sugar? Okay, I am hungry, but she does look like an Oreo!
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Darn, I missed it - I was at work, couldn't be helped but still!

Filly looks beautiful and is it just me, or does Frosty seem a little relieved too?
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No kiddin sunlion....wouldn't you be? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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YAY! I have to go see @ the web site! Congrats Cleo! What's her lineage!!??!! I have an appy, too! Love them. Did she Have it when you stopped watching? That's what used to happen to us EVERY TIME a mare was ready to foal. I'm so glad everything went well!!!

:teddy: :angel4: :daisy: :girly2: :rednose:
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I can't believe I missed it!

Great job Frosty - your baby is beautiful!
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I missed it but she sure is a cutie!!!

She still looks pretty big, is that normal?
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It's normal for people, I assumed it was normal for horses.

Yep, one of life's little secrets that they don't always tell you: Lots of women give birth and don't get anywhere close to their old dress size. It's not all baby and fluid . . .
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for providing this link. Watching the foal being born was so incredible. I feel lucky to have been able to see it. I'm still going back to see what little Frosty Jr is doing!
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I keep checking to see what the baby is doing. I keep worrying as it keeps lying down, but hten it gets back up. I guess it is tiring work being born!
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week or so.... just like little babies (human) eat sleep poop eat sleep poop eat RUN BUCK sleep RUN FALL DOWN GET UP sleep..... :tounge2:

They really are funny to watch when they get their "sea legs" and start feelin their oats.... I LOVE BABY HORSES! But then, the mouth starts..... ooooohhhh boy......

My friend had a colt last spring that loved his belly rubbed when he was laying down! he was like a cat! He's now happily tormenting some poor family....
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SHE IS VERY CUTE! She is gonna be a looker! nice Blanket - any spots yet? Is she gonna be registered? My horse is outa Iowa Sire War Don's Glory B and Dam King's Speckled Queen (syko mare)....

He's got Man O' War and Little Joe and Plaudet in him.... WEEEEEEE what a ride! Lots o racin lines! More thorobred than app I think!


Keep the Pix coming! I want to see her when she goes out for the first time!!!!!!
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Who's baby is this - is it Cleo's? Am I an idiot?
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I thought it was someone's baby here on the forum..... MY BAD..... DAAAAAAA tooo much skiing......
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Thats okay....I wish she was mine! (wouldn't be happy on my balcony though) Hissy posted the link to the site, and I've been glued to it for days! :LOL:
I guess I got a little "picture happy" and posted so many pics of the little angel, its no wonder you thought she was mine!
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Oh, I almost forgot, heres the link to the rest of the baby's info...lineage and all that.

Ok, and another pic...just to save you time with the loading process of course
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Frosty and Frosty Jr are just wonderful. It is truly miraculous !

I was talking to my sister on the phone last night and kept checking. Computer has been touchy the last week or so, but cooperated so I could watch this little one come into the world.
My sister used to work at Braywood Farms which raised race horses, so this was old hat to her. But ME! WOW I was about jumping out of my chair
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I just saw the pictures of Frosty's baby for the first time. She's soooooo cute!!

Cleo--Thanks for posting those for us!
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Congrats on the filly - cannot believe I missed it .....gggrrrrr... was away at the farm on wednesady coz I have a 51km endurance ride on thursday morning - I come back and Frosty had the baby....I was sooooo ooking forward to seeing here be born...oh wel maybe March 6th
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This is your second qualifying race, right? How did you do?
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Sunlion thanks for remembering - yes it was my second quaifier we did so well I am sooooo proud of Hashil even though the weather was horrid. The wind was soooooo strong and there was sand being blown all over the place, at some points it was hard to see the flags and the course.

I was a little concered that Hashil would strggle doing this 51km as he had only just done the 45 km qualifier 2 weeks ago and he is still young (going to be 5 years ol at the end of Feb), but he did perfectly, he vetted without any problems. We had two loops - one was 32kms and the other was 19kms. I had to only push Hashil for about 3 Kms that was on the second loop and when the sand settled (as there was a break in the wind he saw the village where we started then there was no stopping him - he wanted home. so off we went.

Our next one will be 65kms and that will be end of Feb. I will have a picture scanned of Hashil tomorrow so I can post it for everyone to see if you want.
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YES! I want to see Hashil!
I'm looking forward to seeing the pic Amanda.
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