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New Foal Cam- Appy baby due anyday

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This one is odd, looks to out in the open for a birthing, but anyway, they have set it up......Appy baby foal cam
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I don't know what was there when you looked, but it says in the notes underneath that they let her outside today, apparently because she is shedding. They said they expect her to roll, so I assume they mean she will roll around on the grass and mud to get the loose hairs out. I can't imagine being overdue to give birth and rolling around on the ground! But they also said it is close to the birthing place, so they aren't expecting her to deliver out there.
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Frosty is inside now...and Boy is she BIG!

Thanks for the link Hissy, it'll be fun to see the new baby!
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She's laying down!!!!!
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She's back up! Oh this is like a roller coaster!
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:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: No kidding! I keep clicking back and forth, getting excited, then let down, then excited again! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

C'mon Frosty!!!
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I saw where they had set her up outside and I thought it a bit strange. Didn't hang around to read the notes, probably should have, man she is HUGE! Poor girl!
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Now it's Saturday morning and still no baby!
You can do it Frosty!!!
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Hissy - great that the cam is in place. We had our first foal 7 days ago - I have a pic so I will scan it and post it - well try and post it we have about another 15 on the way between now and April - it is sooooo exciting Hope your mare does well

WOW when I first looked I think she was laying down as all I saw was Frosty in the bottom of the picture - now she is standing in the middle of the picture - blimey she is HUGE!!!!!
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Frost is laying down on her side right now.
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Thought she was getting up for minute there but she's back down again.

It's kind of unnerving to see a horse lying down like that! They don't usually lay, do they? I mean when they aren't giving birth.
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My horse lays down all the time - he sleeps laying down. Some horses like laying some don't
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close-up of a horse butt this morning! Poor thing, she's just huge and it looks like that baby is about to burst from her, but nothing happens!
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Ok - this is worse than a mystery noval. I mean she was due 2 wks ago. Are you sure they aren't teasing us with just a FAT horse? COME ON FROSTY!
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Apps are the best! I have a black & white - his name is DUDE - nice white blanket - Has Mickey Mouse on his bum! Good Luck! I hope all is well - let us know!!!! Or did I miss it? I was gone for the weekend.....
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She is beautiful - I just keep staring at her little horsy butt!
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She is never going to have that baby!! I keep checking all throughout the day and nothing.. Arg!
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well???????!?!?!?!? Anything??????
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Where is the baby! I keep checking every 1/2 hr! I want to see the baby!:eye&mouth
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Taken from Saddlebrook webcam site

"Morning, January 30th: “Frosty Dear, you’re killin’ us here!†She’s fine — really, really. A big drink of cold water and you could see the baby complain with a sharp kick, though there is not much room in there anymore, to be sure. This mare looks ready — has looked ready for several days."

C'mon Frosty!
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I just know she is going to have it tonight and I'm going to miss it. Does anyone know if there is a trend on the time of day horses give birth?
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I've been watching her since last Thursday!! I wish she'd have that cute little baby I'm with you Sabra, I'm sure I''l probably be sleeping when the big event happens
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OOh!! Ooh!!! Shes lying down!!!!! Could this be it??????
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Yes yes yes - she is laying down - come on baby!
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I just saw Frosty give birth to her baby!!!!! Its brown. I don't know if its a filly or colt. We will find out shortly!!!! Halleluja!!!!
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that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I saw the birth! WHAT A GREAT EVENING!!!
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It has white on the rump!
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to Frosty's little baby! It took the little guy/girl forever! I'm so happy I got to see it being born!!!
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Happy Birthday to the new baby!!
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