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My Kitty Loves Pop!how Can I Make My Kitten Love Ct Food?he Also Loves Chips!

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:laughing: :laughing2 :bubbly: My kitty loves, pop, chips, (even BBQ)popcorn, ice cream :icecream: and just about anything else I put in front of him!
He is a little piggy. I don't really give him that stuff, but he always goes for it. He will put it in his mouth and ask questions later.

The good news is he also likes his food and eats it like it going out of style!!
My advice would be to not feed him table food or junk and maybe he'll eat his own food. If you are already doing that then I would suggest you keep changing foods until you find one he likes.
Good luck!!:flash:
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The only reason your cat eats chips and pop is because you give them to him. He cannot choose foods on his own, he trusts you to do it for him. For the sake of his health (if he keeps eating this way, he will die), pick a healthy food and feed him that and only that. He will start eating it when he realizes that is the ONLY option.

JacquieFaith - your idea of switching foods will actually backfire, because you cat will figure out that if he doesn't eat, he will get something else. You should choose a food (based on nutrition, not how much your cat likes it), and feed it. He will eat when he is hungry. Your cat is smart and has figured out how to manipulate you. Be smarter than your cat.
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I guess I can sort of see how your cat can get chips or something away from you, but Pop???

Stop feeding kitties this stuff right away! Humans really shouldn't even all that junk, but at least we know how bad it is and make an informed choice.

Feed kitties a good healthy CAT food to make them happy and long lived!
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I do not feed Jinxy that stuff. But if we are eating ANYTHING, he will come over and beg for it and if we are not watching, he will stick his head in a bag of chips and grab one. He used to also climb up on the night table and drink soda out of my husband's glass, so we had to put our beverages in a closed bottle!! Believe me, my little one only eats his own food, but tries anything to get his paws on the "real stuff!"

As for my suggestion to switch food. It was the only thing I could think of if her kitty was truly not eating his food. I thought maybe she was giving him the junk because she was worried because he didn't like his own food and wouldn't eat. You are right though, if your cat is hungry, he will eat unless something is wrong medically with him. However, even though my ktty seems to love his own food, if I thought that he didn't, I would try to find something he liked better. But of course the nutritional value is the most important thing as it should always be.
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That is just crazy. I can't imagine what I'd do if my cats did that! Although my cat does drink out of my water glass, so we keep water up high or watch him around it. Not that it's unhealthy, I just prefer not to share. Soda or other drinks, we drink out of cans or bottles, so there's no possibility of that. And anything like wine or juice we keep in the hand or else it'll end up on the carpet.
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Chun-li, I've never heard of cats liking pop...how weird. My cats also love chips of any kind, yogart, pudding and my cat tigger even likes oranges and bananas! I don't really have any advice. When eating dinner, lunch, breakfast or whatever, you can try to lock your cat in a bedroom, then maybe he will stop trying to get human food so much!?

P.S: Did you get the name Chun-li from the Anime/Video game Street fighter? Because I have loved that game since I was little, and Chun Li was my favorite character!
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I worked with a girl named Chun-Li. In Bellevue, WA.
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angel delight, beer, marmite, chips, particular fan of bread, tomato soup, pasta, cheese, doughnuts......just about anything

guess thats what comes with being a stray!

you just have to keep your eye on them and lock all traces of food / drinks away in the kitchen
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Our Clementine loves pita bread and hummus, and she's not even a Persian She also enjoys toast (not bread, only toast), as does her sister Goose, and all three, including Winnie, enjoy a taste of cereal milk from the end of the bowl. They actually recognize the sound of a bowl of cereal being finished, and come running.

Clem used to be a lot worse for stealing food when she was a kitten. One day my husband was eating a Rice Krispies square, and when he bit it, it broke off so that a big part was sticking out of his mouth. Clem rushed up onto the couch and bit onto the piece that was sticking out, broke it off and ran away with it. This was when she was only a few months old, so the food was almost as big as she was!
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Jake LOVES LOVES LOVES Chinese Food! and Ice cream (vanilla), and tuna, and anything that I might be eating. He'll literally try to knock the fork out of your hand. He's quick, too, so you have to look out.

Romeo used to stick his paw in ANYTHING in a cup. Milk, Water, Coffee, Jack & Coke, er, I mean Coke.....

And then, we have Jinx, who has found happiness eating lint balls and cob webs :tounge2:

I just would try to stop feeding your kidden all that stuff, maybe a treat every now and then....

My friend Donna has a horse that eats egg salad. Go figure. :
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Ripley loves applesause!
we had a dog named Sam when I was a kid and he would do anything for a piece of peach pie
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