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Child allergic to cat? What to do?????

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We just got a kitten 2 weeks ago, and it's the most precious little thing and we are all so in love wtih her! At the same time as we got her, me and my 6 yro dd came down with a cold, which I am over by now. My dd, however, is still having a stuffy nose (not badly) and it's a little bit runny with clear mucus. She aslo seems to have a slight eye irritation in both eyes, that comes and goes. She hasn't complained about it before, but now when I ask her she says she's had it for a little while. I am wondering if she is allergic to the cat. Dh and I have no allergies but her little brother has a mild cough variant asthma. He is showing no allergy symptoms with the cat or any other allergies.

I am just devestated at the thought of her being allergic... I have been longing for a cat for years, and dh finally agreed to get one now that the kids are a little older, and this kitty is everything I've been wishing for in a cat, personality wise. She's one of a kind.

What do we do if dd truly is allergic? Are there any options? I'd rather not have to medicate such a young child for years, but I don't want to give up the kitty either... I will if I have to to keep my child healthy, but I so much wish to have a cat in my life. But it seems unfair to dd to have a cat around that she may not touch and the dander gets everywhere even in a clean household.

Can a 6 yro be tested for spesific allergies in the US?
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Yes, kids can be tested for allergies. Don't panic just yet, she may not be allergic. Have her tested. My sister-in-law is allergic to cats and she has alot of problems when she comes to my house. Sneezing, red red eyes, it happens real fast too. So maybe its viral and its just taking her a while to get over her cold.
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Don't worry, there are products that you can use on the kitty to prevent the allergens and dander - I use Petal Cleanse when I am visiting my sister with Tibby and Molly!

It has worked wonderfully and I (as would my sister) highly recommend it! I hope that helps!
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Yes, get the tests to find out what the specific allergies are. This time of year, in Illinois at least, everything is driving my allergies crazy! Good luck to you all.
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It also could be that secondary to her cold (viral infection), she could have come down with a bacterial infection. Probably not, though, since her mucous is clear. It's also possible that she's allergic to something else (for instance, around here it's getting to be ragweed season), not the cat.

Studies have actually shown that kids who are exposed to animals at a young age tend to have fewer allergies than kids who aren't. (I don't know why it doesn't work that way with peanuts, though. I've always wondered about that ... )
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She might be. Better take her to the doctor to find out for sure. My boyfriend's allergic to cats too, but if he takes a decongestent he's fine. Hopefully it's not a server allergy and your family can keep the cat. if it is and you still want a cat you can look into the hairless cats, I heard they are "allergy free" but I could be wrong.
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