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Meowing at strange hours of the night!

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My crazy cat, Norman, meows at the same time every morning. He meows right outside my bedroom door. He use to scratch the carpet and meow... now the scratching has stopped, but the meowing continues. This routine starts at 4:30 am, and usually every 30 minutes there after until 6am when I wake up. I don't know what to do...

I've tried a vaccum cleaner ... kept it outside my door "on" and would plug it in when he started. It worked for awhile... but now he likes the vaccum and is no longer scared of it.

I'd hate to lock him in a room with his litter box until I wake up in the morning, but I feel like this is the only solution. I don't like to sleep with fur all around, so I don't let him come in my room at night. ARE THERE ANY SUGGESTIONS?? Any suggestions, please let me know! Thank you!
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just a long shot here. but could it be he is hungry and waiting for you to wake up for his breakfast? maybe an automatic feeder set for 4am so he can eat may help?
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I agree with the hungry statement. Cassie has her "get up and feed me" moments when she knocks my boyfriend's glasses off the night stand...she knows h e will get up b/c he can't see without them. Napoleon starts to mew when Charlie's alarm goes off, b/c he will usually feed him when he gets up. Funny how they know when "feeding time" is
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Thank you for the advice, both of you! I feed both of my cats at night, with plenty of food to last until the next night. And plenty of water. I wonder that myself... what, is he out of food? But no, there's tons of food when I wake up, because there's enough for at least another 15 hours.

Got anything else? I'd be willing to try just about anything. Thank you both, again, for responding!
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Uhm yes , my suggestion is just let him in . He misses you
When my kitty decided SHE wanted to stay in for the night it was fine , but absolutely , on time , every morning between 2:50 and 3:00 AM it was TIME to go out . And you have to do it or they get mad

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That could be interesting. I don't like to let my cats in my room because their fur makes me sneeze and I get all congested at night. BUT I'd be willing to keep the door open a crack. If they want to come in, they will come in... I say "they" because I have 2 cats. The other cat, Mr. Tibbs, completely avoids the situation and sits across the hallway. Maybe Norman will stop meowing just because he can come and go if he wants. Hum. That could work.
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Thats right , sometimes, its if they have the option , they are fine . If he knows he cant get in he's mad , if you leave it open a crack he may peek in and knows he won and wont bother you

Might come in and see that your ok and leave . Worth a try anyways .

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Yeah, good answer, thank you! This might have been obvious to anyone else reading this thread, but honestly, I don't completely like the idea of my furry beasts sleeping on my pillow, but I'll give it a try... maybe he wont even come in? ... no they will, they've never been in my bedroom before. But anyway, thanks for the advice! I'll try it tonight.
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Cats are bigtime characters . Mine had a infatuation with the bathroom . It could be inside and sleeping somewhere and if you went into the bathroom and she heard the door click and lock , she was right there at the door squeaking constantly , non stop ! Its was like " I know your in there and why cant I come in ."

When the door opened she pranced around and checked that all was fine and couldnt care less and went back to her nap

Remember THEY are the boss , not you

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