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Yes yes right now I'm over at my sister's house with Marty the baby snuggle boy and Mystik the beauty queen. When I showed up Mystik came running to me when I sat down on the couch! The queen of the turf whom didn't pay any attention to me at all while she was at my house nuzzled right up against me and rubbed her head all over me showing that she missed me soo much !!! Then my baby snuggle boy aww he still is the cuddliest!! Right now he's curled up in my lap the big hair ball!! Oh gosh I'm going to start crying when I have to leave I love these two sooooo much I WANNA TAKE THEM HOME!!! Anyway it seems like they're being taken care of properly. I see food set down for them and the litter box is cleaned out. The only thing is I guess they're not getting much attention at all. So that's what I'm here for!!