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My cat doesn't seem to remember me

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I'd like to get some advice from you guys regarding the recent behaviour of my cat.
I had to work overseas for 6 weeks and I left my 1.5 year old cat at a pets hotel during that time, as I didn't have any friend who could take care of him for such a long time.
I got back last weekend and after a picked him up and came back home with me the very first thing he did was hiding under the sofa. He didn't get out of there for 4 hours. Whenever I call him, he never come to me anymore. It seems he only go out to eat and doing his "business" in the litterbox, at least he seem to remember where was all located. It has been 3 days like that already, step by step he seem to go out of the sofa more often but still doesn't want to play with me or get out when I call.
It feels like it is a brand new cat that is adapting to a new place and not my cat who lived with me for more than 1.5 years. I don't have as much experience with cats as I have with dogs but I know that dogs can remember their previous owner even if years have happened. But what about cats?
Do you think he may have forgotten me? If it is not a memory thing, what may be wrong? Is he upset? sad?


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Hi Javier,
I'll take a shot at this...cats are creatures of habit, so I thinking that your little one is probably stressed but nerve-wracked over 1.) being out of his element for 6 weeks and 2.) being brought into familiarity. Change freaks them out, even if it's something they may remotely remember. As long as he is eating and doing his business in the correct place I say give him his space and wait for him to come to you.

I know, it seems like an eternity when we're dealing with antsy kitties but be patient.
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Hi Javier
As long as he is eating, drinking, and using the litter box normally he is probably just adjusting to the changes. Don't try to force him out from under the sofa because he feels safe there. Instead just sit in the room with him, maybe read a bit out loud from a book and just be patient with him. I am also sure that he missed you very much when you were gone and sometimes cats get a little upset with us when we go away. I am sure in a few days it will be back to the way it was before you left

I also want to commend you on making sure your cat was taken care of before you left town for so long. I think that's great!
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Hi Javier
I wouldn't worry about it, he just needs time to adjust. I went away for 6 months and left both of my kitties with my mom to take care of while I was gone. When I got back it was like they didn't remember me at all, shying away from me when I tried to pet them and things like that. It really upset me that they didn't remember me, but after about two weeks it was back to normal and they remembered who I was. It just takes time for them to adjust, be patient
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Thanks for your comments guys,

So it is not that they have short-term "fish" memory but more than their way to "punish" us for abandoning them is to ignore the previous owners?


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Definitely the latter I would gather. Cats actually have great long-term memory and hold onto things longer than we would ever imagine. So don't worry, your kitty will come around when she warms up to you again
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Originally Posted by thisbecat
I went away for 6 months and left both of my kitties with my mom to take care of while I was gone.
I did the same thing, except with two of my friends. I spent the night a the friends' house before moving into a new apartment. When I got to my friends' in the early afternoon, neither Bast nor Jameson wanted anything to do with me. That night, Jameson came and slept with me, and Bast came aroud in about two weeks. Jameson and I have a special understanding with one another though, which probably had something to do with it.
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He is probably just holding a grudge that you left, just give him time, he'll get over it. My cat Whisky who is about 7 years old now, but was about 2 at the time, held a grudge against me for about a month after I came home with my first born child. I didn' show her any less attention, she just was mad at me, but eventually got over it. He will too. Just be patient and show him alot of love.
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show him lots of love is my advise. He probably thought you had abandoned him originally and now that your back he is nervous that you may leave again?
some cats will do the 'ignore' thing for a while and others will do the 'overly love' thing and not leave you alone.

he is eating, drinking and using the litter box, so this is all wonderful.

awwww poor little thing - scritches from me to him when your able
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Everything back to normal guys! Definitely he remember me, just needed 3-4 days to relax and get comfy back home.
Thanks a lot for your advices.

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Heck, I was gone to mexico for only a WEEK and my cats acted like they didnt know who I was! And they didnt even go anywhere! They stayed in the house with my mom! O_O

Kitties are good grudge holders yes.
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