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I messed it up...

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I just brought home Little Cat from her spaying. To make a long story short, I didn't work the raccoon trap right, and Little Cat is NOT in the recovery cage as planned. She is running around our basement, looking for a way to get out. She's the least friendly, so I can barely get near her. I am hoping to re-trap her and try again.

Anybody have any other tips on how to get her into the cage or trap? I'm really upset that I messed this up.

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The advice I remember that everyone gave for another member who had almost the exact same problem was to not feed her for a day or two then put sardines in the trap, she will be hungry enough and it will be smelly enough to attract her (I hope!).

Good luck!
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We went another route. I opened a window in the basement and took out the screen. I built up steps to get to it. And I showed it to her over and over. I pushed her out of her hiding place a little, and I put tuna flakes on the path to freedom. It's hours later, and I just searched the basement. I can't find her, and assume she went out the window. I closed the window and opened the basement door since that's where the litter boxes usually are, and our cats are used to going down there freely.

If she turns up, we'll do what we have to do, but for now, I'm assuming she took my advice and went out the window. She clearly didn't want to be here, she was exerting herself physically over it, and if she's gonna do that, she might as well be where she wants to be.
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What's the news with your recovering mom?
Don't feel bad about this Deb - you did the best you could. She is a lot better off being spayed now than before!
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She obviously went out the window, but I wasn't sure at first since she ate none of the treats I put on the path between where she was and the window, and the very dirty window had no paw prints or any sign of motion!!!

We saw her outside the next day, so we knew for sure. She seems OK, but we could never really touch her or be near her, so I don't know what she's feeling emotionally or physically.

Thanks for asking!

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