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Appropriate playing behaviour???

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Well, Tolstoy came home on Monday. He and Lily appear to get along very well considering the early stage of their relationship. But obviously, we are going to have to decide whether this pairing will be appropriate before too long. Lily's breeder knows that we took him in with a view to this being a permanent home; but she also knows that everything has to be right. He is two and a half years, Lolly is one year next week. Tolly has been a lone cat.

Lily and Tolly seem to get on very well. They walk around the house together (not all the time) but peacably when they do. When they pass each other on the stairs or in a doorway they often give a little "kiss" nose to nose. Sometimes, one will pat the other as they walk by, not aggressively just a touch with no claws.

They also chase each other - often quite happily it seems, no claws.

Tolly can be boisterous - very boisterous. Particularly last night he has started to launch himself at Lily and they roll over. He seems to bite her throat, but in fact he isn't, she doesn't yowl or hiss. However, she now appears to be a bit intimidated by him; he is twice her size and she is a very gentle soul.

Is this normal playing behaviour? Is he too aggressive? Does anyone have any ideas. He is a very loving boy and desparate for attention. If he can''t find Lily he yowls for her.
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Tipsy does that biting as well - not just to Cedar but to me!!

I think this is just normal playing behaviour, and yes its still early days. Lily will of course be intimidated by his size and the 'intrusion' of her space.

Someone with more experience will come along, but I honestly think things sound like they are going very well, considering its only been a couple of days.
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Awwww he yowls for Lily!

Beth Rosie sometimes looks like she's a bit intimidated by Sophie as well, and i always remember just before i brought her home, my friend Emma who i got her from said Sophie was the most confident out of the litter

When they roll around playing they sometimes get each others necks in their jaws and the only one you hear give a slight whimper out of is Rosie because Sophie gets a bit carried away with herself

I wouldn't worry about it because i'm sure Lily will let him know when he pushes her to far!

Heres a pic of them in action!

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Look at your girls Susan! That may not be very reassuring for you but it is for me. That's kind of like what Lily and Tolly do. Sometimes it's up under the throat. This afternoon he held her down and "bit" the back of her neck. As before though it wasn't hard and didn't leave any mark. We didn't let it continue though.

Lily then went to sit behind my chair, however just a minute or two later she ran after him. Sigh! It's so had to know what's going on. I've never had two kitties that actually got along before so I have no previous "playing" to go on. But then they both went to sleep in the same room.
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Yes thats exactly the same as the girls. Sophie will grab Rosie first, then once they get up for a breather as soon as Sophie looks away, Rosies after her!

And you can guarantee this happens after 10.p.m. every night, which i don't mind one bit because they both sleep right through then

I'd say they certainly sound like they were playing alright
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