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proud .........

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Not sure if any of you ever knew about our situation when I first joined here? Tigger was bit in the tail by Cinnamon when she was about 6 months. After that, we decided to put Fluffy & Cinnamon in our bedroo, which is where they still reside. Tigger was scared of Cinnamon after that ..... When we got Gizmo, he would chase her away from Tigger ..... Tigger has been getting her confidence back. And, lately, she runs into the bedroom, hops on the bed, right passed Cinnamon..... she literally jumps about an inch away from her. Well, last night, Tigger wanted in, so I let her in .... she jumped passed Cinnamon on the bed, looked at her & laid down. Fluffy came up and sniffed Tigger out. Cinnamon decided she was going to do the same thing ...... Tigger just laid there, while Cinnamon sniffer her in the face. It seems that when Tigger shows that she is not afraid, Cinnamon is fine with her. But, once she gets timid of Cinnamon, that is when Cinnamon detects it and gets the demented look on her face. So, I fed everyone canned food. I decided to put Tigger & Cinnamon's food in one bowl, and sure enough they sat side by side, ear to ear, eating!

I am so proud of the 2!
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That is great news! Next thing you know, they'll be inseparable!
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Good deal! Sounds like they are starting to get along!
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Good little fur-babes!
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A nice sigh of relief ...ahhhhhhh! haha! That's cause for one big stress reliever!

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Fantastic news tigger!!!!!!!
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