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New kitten had diarrhea and vomited!!!

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Hi All,

I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct place or not, if not feel free to move me. This morning I noticed that my new kitten has vomited twice (two small amounts) and she had a poo this morning and it was slight diarrhea (not severe). I've had her for two days now, this is the first day for the vomiting and slight diarrhea. She had her first vet appointment yesterday, the vet said she was healthy, she doesn't have fleas or ear mites. She also had her first shot (in a month she'll have her second shot, fecal test and in two months she's getting done and a viral test done) and a de-wormer yesterday too! Could this be causing the vomiting and diarrhea? Could it be the stress of coming to a new home with another cat??

Any advice on what I should do? Just watch her another day or so? Call her vet? I'm so worried. She's such a little charmer, I love her so much all ready I couldn't bear it if anything was wrong with her.
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I'll move this to the Health forum.

Me personally i would still be ringing my vet as a precaution because i'm a worry wort, and i know when Sophie was given a de wormer that made her tummy upset, but i was told this was normal.
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The worm medication often upsets a kittens tummy. Also, if she had a change in food since joining your family, that could account for her digestive upset. Tiny kittens can become dehydrated very quickly. I, too, would advise ringing your Vet.
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Thanks you guys! I will be calling my vet on my mid-morning break from work. The kitten is still acting normal, so I'm hoping it was the de-wormer that is making her tummy upset. I called my bf when I see what had happened with the kitty and he said the same thing, just to be on the safe side we should call our vet. I now I am such a worrier but I just want her to be ok, being a stray and all I feel overly motherly towards her and tend to worry a lot. I am the same way with my Pepper too though . I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all will be ok!
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