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Now 2 kittens!

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After the drama of hte puppy on Tuesday, I went out onthe terrace with my usual cup of tea this morning and these little guys were huddled on the steps. For several days I have thought I heard meows and have looked, but couldn't find anything, and now here they are.

I guess they are around 10-11 weeks old, very bony and frightened, and one is much bigger than the other. I got some food and goat milk and the big one came running and scoffed the lot. The other just sat there. Anyway, I managed to pick them both up - they did not fight at all, put them in a carrier and drove them straight to the vet. Like me, Haris is worried about the smaller one, who is very lethargic and has dull eyes, and he is keeping them for 24 hours to observe them while he does the necessary shots etc. They are both girls and the loveliest pale grey colour with a few splashes of darker grey. I don't know what to do, assuming they are both OK - I can't have any more and I just got my friends a new kitten through Haris. It is the most difficult thing to find homes. Maybe I will have to keep them as outdoor cats and spay them when the time is right. While I was at the Vet Faculty a guy came in with a cardboard box that he said he had found on a tram. Inside were 8 kits, not more than two days old, all dark grey. But there was nothing the vets could do - they don't operate a shelter and there is no cat home in Sarajevo. The guy went away, and I dread what the fate of those little ones might be. There is no way I could have taken them, but I feel bad for not offering.
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OMG i luv grey kittens, they are my fav (other then orange ones) If we were closer i would of said to try and find that guy again, ill take em all
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The little ones have survived a night in the vet faculty but Haris says he wants to keep them there another few days as they are full of parasites. The smaller one is now eating, so that is a good sign. I guess I can start asking round about homes for them, but I am not sure I shall be able to find anyone to take them.
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Well, at least they are being taken care of now and have someone who cares. You can only do what you can. Too bad other people don't even seem to want to bother with the bare minimum.
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Aww, what sweethearts. it is so hard when you have to say no, I had to last week, but I knew that the woman who asked me will keep him in her garage till something can be found. Fingers crossed for these little ones.
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Jenny, you're an angel for these little lost souls. I'm glad to hear the good update, especially on the smaller one. She looks so frail in that picture.
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Oh Jenny they look so small and sad all drawn up, it made me feel very sad for them., it brought tears to my eyes. I still have 3 of the babies I rescued and I just Love them so much, I can't stand to see when they are neglected, I hope and pray that they will be ok and that you can find homes for them.
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Vet Haris called me and said the kittens are OK and can come out tomorrow. So I will go and get them in a taxi, as I have had no further word on my stolen car. But he has no FIV/FELV tests and in order to get those I would have to go to the private vet whom I abandoned after all the misdiagnosis of Persil at Christmas. I will have to bring these little ones home and try to keep them isolated from my girls while I decide what to with them, and meanwhile I am emailing a couple of friends who are travelling in Western Europe to see if either of them can find a vet and bring a couple of SNAP FIV/FELV tests. Sometimes things are so difficult here!
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Once again you are doing a nice thing for these homeless animals.
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How nice of you ! I'm glad they checked out O.K.
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I just went to collect them, and was shocked at the smell! They are much brighter, especially the smaller one, but they stank! They have been in a small cage for 5 days and I am not sure if anyone ever checked their tray. Their legs and butts were covered. The taxi driver charged me double to carry them.

Anyway I have bathed them - still some live fleas, though the water ran red with flea dirt and there were loads of dead ones. I attacked them with a flea comb, though I know Haris has treated them for fleas. They are nothing but skin and bone, obviously being eaten alive. I will keep them in the bathroom away from the other girls for a week until I am sure they are not incubating anything. One has slight loose poop which she let go all over me, but they have both used the litter tray, so I think it was just fright. I may have found one or two interested people in taking them, but they have to be presentable! I will post some new pix tomorrow when they have dried out and look better.
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Now that I have had them home for a few hours, I am very worried about the smaller one. She won't eat, sits hunched up and trembles constantly. I have made her a nest with a hot water bottle and lots of towels and she is in there, looking very miserable. Her sister is eating and drinking and starting to explore. I have moved them to my small spare bedroom where it is easier for me to sit with them, and I have covered everything with plastic!

I did syringe feed the little one with milk and egg yolk, and some warm liquidised junior food, which she seemed to enjoy, and she licked a little off my finger. But she won't eat on her own. I will continue to assist feed her every two hours or so with around 20mms a time, and see how we go. I have never felt a cat so thin. I am almost scared to stroke her lest she break. Both of them purr when caressed.

And they are not grey - they are white! With some grey/black hairs on each head. They were so filthy. Most of the smell has gone now, though a bit still lingers, but I don't want to traumatise them too much with another bath just yet.
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Jenny, you are truly an angel to these two. My gosh, I can't believe they are white!!

I'm sending the best "get strong" vibes I can to those little babies, especially the smaller one.
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Those poor babies! Bless your heart for helping out yet another one (or two!). Good vibes being sent that the little one gets well!
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Thanks. Since they are no longer strays, now that they are in back bedroom, I have started a new thread with pix in Health and Nutrition. This morning both are eating by themselves, but while the bigger one is playing with some toys, the little one still just wants so huddle up to the hot water bottle. No sign of any fleas this morning, yay! Maybe I have got rid of them. I will watch for eggs hatching, and soon we can Frontline them.
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I'm thinking good thoughts for them!
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Oh Jenny, just caught this thread. What a wonderful thing you are doing for these sweet girls. As for the smaller one, I hope time and TLC helps her.
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Thanks. They are doing well. They have a new thread and pix in Nutrition thread.
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