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My Kiki

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It is an extremely difficult decision to put a family pet down. I had to do this with my cat, Kiki, a year ago. She was about 20, and had cataracts. She didn't want to move, and we could barely get her to eat and drink. My hubby had noticed an odor about her. She would just look at us from the bed she chose in the bathroom as if to say, I am ready to go. We thought long and hard and decided that is was time.

I got the afternoon off to take her to the vet. When he came into the examining room, he stated that he knew by the odor she was in complete kidney failure and that there would have been nothing he could do to prolong her life in a manner that she would not be suffering. I was with her, petting her and talking to her when he gave her the shot. She ran so fast over that bridge to a far better place where she could be a young, playful cat again, chasing butterflies in the sunshine.

We still miss her terribly as she was in our family for 20 years. I know it was the best thing that I could have done for her, but sometimes you second guess yourself. I take comfort that she is not longer in pain.
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20 years? well that just shows how much Kiki was loved and treasured

such a difficult decision to make, yet such an unselfish act we can do for our loved ones. You held her and loved her right to the last minute and yes she ran over the bridge to play again all healthy and happy. Of course she is no longer in pain and infact is watching over you keeping you and your husband safe. There she will wait until you can all meet again and cross over the final part of the bridge together.

RIP sweet Kiki - enjoy those angel wings sweetheart
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Awww bless her little heart I can only imagine how hard it was to make the sad decision for Kiki

You did the right thing for her in the end, and i'm sure if she could she would thank you

Play happily over the bridge sweet Kiki with all the other fur babies until you see your mum and dad again

RIP sweetie pie
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RIP Sweet Kiki Mommy did what was best, even though it hurt her heart so. You'll be together again!
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Condolences on the loss of Kiki. I believe you did the right thing in letting Kiki go, but I do understand it is so difficult. Rest in peace, sweet Kiki!
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It is always difficult to say goodbye and in those final moments there is always that doubt- "Did I do the right thing?"
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