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American Chopper

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Does anyone else watch this show? I am addicted to it! I am not a big motorcycle person but I love watching the work that goes into these bikes..

And Paul Sr and Pauly fighthing is funny too..
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i sometimes watch it, it is funny!
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trhehehe yes it is! they do make some cool looking bikes tho
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I'm a motorbike fan, I love this programme one of my favorites
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If we had cable/satellite we would probably watch it; I've never actually seen it, only clips. I do find the choppers intriguing stylewise although how anybody can ride with apehangers* is beyond me! Not to mention that in this state beyond a certain height they're actually illegal (although I doubt a bike has ever been pulled over for it.) I attribute much of the cruiser phenomenon and rise in motorcycle popularity to this show.

* For the record, apehanger handlebars are usually used on bikes with shorter forks as opposed to the looooooong raked forks on most choppers, at least from what I've seen.
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We watch it every evening. Great show It's so much better than all of the other reality shows because they don't create their own drama. I also like how in almost every show you can see how important family values are to them.
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Is that the one where they scream at each other al the time? The big mouth old guy and his sons? I HATE THOSE GUYS!!!! I like the Biker Build Off.
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I love that show! Though I often watch it for comedy perposes, all the fighting is kind of funny sometimes.
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I love their bikes, but their constant fighting puts me off so I've stopped watching it.
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My bf started watching that show awhile ago and every so often I'd end up watching it too . I actually like it, even though I was never into choppers or anything. And when Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. start fighting it can get funny...I like Mikey the best though, the totally laid back and he cracks me up.
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I watch it occasionally, those bikes are amazing. The fighting does get annoying sometimes, but it's also kind of funny.
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I really like Mikey!! The fighting gets wild sometimes though! Their bikes are unbelievable, gorgeous
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Last night they had a good rerun,it was mikey doing like the best outtakes..biggest blow ups..best moments and such

I had to laugh..ok those who watch have seen Paul SR blow up about the smallest thing being out of place..and yet when him and JR did damage to their trucks........he was laughing!

Steve said when he gets famous we should commission a theme bike and than watch when its on tv to see how much fighting they did over it lol
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