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Oh Brother! A litterbox cam?

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Looking at all the food out for these cats, my guess is they go a lot! Some people have a lot of time on their hands I guess.litterbox cam?
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I AGREE. . . . W A Y too much time on their hands. . . . How do you spell b-o-r-i-n-g ? POOP PIT PHOTOS !
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Their Cats water dishes, food bowls, and Cat Tree are all directly beside the litterboxes..thats kinda gross. Poor cats...
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That is just weird.

And it looks like they keep the pans right in the living room.

Most frightening of all, I clicked on 'what's new' on the page and saw this:

"A new page and a (for now) failed experiment. The new page is our
LitterBox Cam Last Hour page. It features 12 images from the past hour. The experiment is a live streaming web
cam and so far it doesn't work! If you want to see what the page looks like go here ! Hopefully once I get our firewall
configured to accept incoming requests it will be more impressive!"

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While I was checking to see if anything was happening here, I noticed that it says there have been 8,295 visits since January 1, 2002!!??? :
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They say that confession is good for the soul, so here goes.....
I think it is kinda funny! I keep checking to catch one of the kits in the cat.....OK - gonna go hide now! I am slinking away into the corner now..........
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I went there and couldn't get it to load properly.
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Poor babies! They have no privacy, plus their food is way to close to their box!
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I got it to work now. Oh, how sad they have to eat where they use the potty. Thats Gross!!
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blimey they can poop and eat at the same time....shame everyhint is all so close together!!!!
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You don't have to have cats for very long to learn they don't like to eat where they poop. Alot of cats won't even drink where they eat! And they've got everything all crammed together. I'd be very interested to know if they have any stressed-cat-type behavior problems in their house!

Besides, the cam doesn't refresh often enough. When I clicked on, a kitty had just stepped into the picture. By the time it refreshed, kitty was gone!
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My question is....how did this come to be????

[stoned unemployed loser #1} "Hey look, the cats pooping"

[stoned unemployed loser #2] "hehehe yeah, and that cats eating"

[stoned unemployed loser #1] "cool...now the other cats pooping"

[stoned unemployed loser #2] "hey man, ya still got that camera your Mom gave ya? Lets set it up on the web and see if we can make enough cash to have a big party!"

[stoned unemployed loser #1] "Dude! Thats tight! As soon as ScoobyDoo is over I am so there!"

...and the rest is history.
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