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Losing Belly Hair

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Hi ... My cat is 7 years of age ... she has been a very healthy cat except for a recent episode of weight loss due to a very unhappy and stressful living situation ... she is now gaining weight slowly but has now also started to lose the hair on her belly ... she does licks at her belly but not more than normal ... there is not any unsual amounts of hair laying about so am not even sure where this hair is going ... can any one give me some answers ...
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The first thing I would do is take her to the vet and have them check her thyroid and do a total blood count. This can be caused by a few medical problems.
The next 2 things are stress and allergy. If it is stress still, you can try to make sure things stay on a routine basis at the house. Let he establish her routine and try not to change much. You can also start putting some Dr Bachs rescue remedy in her drinking water or directly into her mouth. It will releive a little of the stress. (you can find this at most health and nutrition stores).
For alleriges, honestly the easiest way is to have an allergy test done. Ask your vet about allergy testing through Bio medical services or Antech. They will just need to take some blood and send it to either lab. It will find any food, inhaled or flea allergies she may have.
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