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Originally Posted by loraandjeff
BanaBanuFerry, Yosemite is absolutely right! REPORT THEM!! If what you are telling us is the entire story (and I'm not saying it isn't)....They are not ALLOWED to refuse medical treatment to an animal in need of treatment REGARDLESS of whether kitty has had shots or not. And by "report them", I mean file a complaint!

I would initially suggest you attend the clinic in person, but with 1 or 2 witnesses with you, if they still refuse to treat your cat then demand that their reasons for refusal be put in writing. If s/he refuses (which they most likely will since they know they CAN'T do that), you have your witnesses with you to corroborate what was said. Then file your complaint with the Veterinarian licensing society of Ontario (I didn't google so I don't know the exact name of your regulatory body there).

These complaints are diligently reviewed by the licensing authority and they, and only they, can "force" them to look at your cat. This is sooooo totally against the ethical boundaries it isn't funny! I know exactly where Timmins is, would've loved to have grown up with Shania (*grin*), but being in the sticks does not excuse this!

Unfortunately, the complaints process takes time, and that is something your kitty doesn't have. If they again refuse after the above attendance at their office, then please take her to the next city, record your expenses incurred to do so, retain all receipts including vet bills, and WHEN your complaint is ruled in your favor - file a small claims action (normally $25) to get this back.

Only when we start sticking up for ourselves, and our animals, will society change. Some may think a small claims action is frivolous, but it will certainly teach that vet a thing or two - in addition to the vet society sanctions.

I totally agree with Lora, we will only "win" if we speak up and do so diligently. If enough people hear of the vets horrid behavior people will start looking else where for healthcare for their pets and soon these despicable people will be out of jobs (as they so deserve in my opinion). Our pets cannot speak for themselves but we can scream as loud as we need to and eventually we will be heard!
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I realise it's a couple of years later, but I was searching 'cat swollen face' on google and came across this website and read about a poor 16yo kitty-kat that was in a woeful way. The young girl (aged 19 at the time?) ended up having to go to a town about 4hrs drive from Timmins (where she and Pixie lived). The last post basically said that she would have to force-feed Pixie if necessary in order to get some weight on her bones and that the vet had taken blood tests. Does anyone have the latest news on Pixie? I realise I'm thousands of miles away, but still very concerned and eager to hear the latest news. Cheers, Girl downunder!
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