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My kitten is missing!

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And am I upset!!

I've been scrambling around trying to round up cat supplies in preparation to bringing home a kitten that was born on the farm where I work. I was hoping to take him home this week. But he hasn't been seen since Friday. I'm trying to convince myself that
a) he got himself stuck in a pipe or something. But if he did, someone would have heard him miaowing, retrieved him, and told me. Or
b) he got the wanderlust and decided he wanted to see the world. But at about three months of age, I'd guess he'd be a little young.

I'm so afraid something might have got him. There are animals around that would.

He's a lovely gray tabby, and the calmest, friendliest, most laid-back acting of the four. If there's such a thing as the opposite of a runt, he'd be it. He's been probably the most playful, the biggest, and the boldest of the lot. Kind of like a kindly boss kitten.

I was going to take him home along with the only female in the litter (although she's probably the most stand-offish) and expose them to as many different people and situations as I could. When they outgrew their kitten shenanigans, I intended to take them to the local nursing home and the hospital too, should it be allowed.

But it doesn't look as though that will happen.
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so sorry the litle, or should i say big,one has disapeared. hope you find him soon
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I'm so sorry that you sweet new kitten is missing. Did you ask the owners of the place you are getting it from to look around for it? I'm sure a kitten can't wander off far. If they can't find it they should let you pick out another kitten to replace it but I hope it does show up but if not you should get another one to pick.
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thats awful!! i hope you find the little guy!! mischeivious cats man..they can worry us sick sometimes!! good luck!!
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I'm sorry! I hope you find him soon.
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