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CAT Biographies

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I loved reading about Emma’s story in the Kitty Chronuculls, and it made me start thinking. They have this big thread with biographies about the humans, but no biographies for us cats. This IS the CAT site, isn’t it. So, come on all you cats out there…tell us your stories. I’ll get things started and tell you about mine…

I was born on a farm, and soon after I was weaned from my mom a nice family took me to live with them. I had a mom and a dad and a little boy to play with. They had five other cats and a bunny, but the other cats, and especially the bunny, scared me so I hid under the bed most of the time. I was happy there and loved my little boy very, very much. I loved my meowmy and pawpa, too, but not other people. Sometimes other people would come and visit us, especially my boy’s daddy. (My boy’s mommy and daddy didn’t live together anymore, so my pawpa was different than my boy’s daddy.) I helped out a lot. I would always help my boy do his homework and taught him how to write and type on the computer. I was very, very happy until everything changed.

After many years my meowmy and pawpa started fighting with each other all the time. Their yelling made me scared and I’d hide even more than usual. One day I heard my meowmy talking about something called a divorce and she said she was moving to someplace far, far away. Then, suddenly, my meowmy and my boy took me someplace different to live!! The place smelled funny and there was another strange cat there. My boy’s daddy was there and a lady human who they said was his “girlfriendâ€. My boy came and visited me every weekend, but I was still really, really lonely. The place scared me, too, and I hid under the bed for the first month I was there. I still don't know why my family made me go away.

Every night, the lady human would come in and sit at the computer in my room and just try to type. After a while, I noticed she wasn’t very good at it, so I came out to teach her like I used to teach my boy. After a while I came to like her because she never grabbed me or made me scared. She just let me come over to her. I grew to love her in time and have now accepted her as my new Meowmy. I got used to my boy's daddy, too, and he's now my new Pawpa.

A few weeks later, I met the other strange cat. His name is Tailer and he was really nice, but he didn’t even know that you’re supposed to fight for territory. I had to beat him up a few times to show him how you’re supposed to do it, but then we decided to be friends. He told me that he used to have a bunny, too, but his bunny was nice and he really, really missed her. I was really happy when, a while later, my boy came to live with me at my new house! That was really, really good until he had to go away to a special school called college. Now I don’t get to see him very much anymore.

I like my new home a lot. I’m getting older now and I think it’s better here because there aren’t as many cats and stuff to be afraid of. We moved to a big new house a while ago, and it’s even better here. There are lots of good places to hide when I feel like it, but I don’t hide as much anymore. (I still do when strange people come, though.) I usually just sleep on the couch. Forest came to live with us, and he makes me mad because he tries to fight with me and be the boss, but I just hiss and bat at him to put him in his place. Otherwise, I put up with him. I do really, really miss my boy, though, and I hope he comes home soon. I write him letters while he’s gone so he won’t miss me too much.

Come on cats, tell me your stories. I’m going to see if I can get Tailer and Forest to tell you theirs. (Though they don’t type and write as well as I do, but I’ll see if I can get them to try when Meowmy’s gone tomorrow.)

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Hi, my name is Bijou. My meowmy used to have a meezer long long time ago and always wanted nother one. Well just before she moved to our house, their other kitty Simba got really sick and went to rainbow bridge. Meowmy and human sissy really sad. After bout 6 weeks at new house, meowmy and sissy told daddy they were feelin "feline deprived". Meowmy sez she always wanted a lilac or blue meezer so she started lookin in the newspaper for kitties for sale. One day she saw ad for meezers and she get excited but she not say anything because daddy sed he didn't like meezer cats. Well, meowmy looked at ad all week long. Finally on Sunday night about 7:30 in the evenin, she sed to daddy, "I saw this ad for Siamese kittens, would you like to go look at them?" Daddy sed "Yes", which almost knock meowmy on the floor cuz she spectin him to say no. They comed to the house where my fur mommy and daddy an bruffers and sisters live. Human sissy and daddy pick me up and they really like me so they sed they wanted to take me home. I cried a lot in the car on the way home (it was a 2 hour drive). When they brought me in the house they took me to their bedroom and spent some time with me and didn't let me explore the rest of the house for a few days.

They spoil me a whole bunch and I love them very much. I speshully love my daddy cuz he luv me very very much and he takes me for walks in the park and lets me outside on the leash in the evenins.

I suckle meowmy's neck at night before I go to sleep so she knows I luvs her too.

My human sissy wuz livin away from home for a little while and when she moved back she had my little sister that she got from same breeder lady as me. It took me and Mika a little while to get used to each other but now we good frends and we plays well together.

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I just noticed there is a Cat Biographies thread in the forum.
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(yes, but biographies from da humans point a view, not us cats!)

Deer Everbody:

Hey! Dis is Elliot. I wuz sittin in my cage pertendin the fuzzy carpet I had wuz Billy, da cat in da cage next ta mine, cuz he's a bully and always made faces at me. Anyways... dis big face came into da window.. and somebody wiggled their finger on da window. I looked at em but I wuz real mad at billy so I kept killin him. Den later.... da smelly man who gave me food and stuffs came. He came in with da big yellow gloves and I was like "uh oh!" cuz billy told me scary stories bout when they come for ya with da gloves! So I meowed really loudly and squiggled around till I fell on da ground. Den I ran around and around while the man tried ta catch me. He caughted me thow. Den he put me in a diffrent cage dat was smaller. I got put on da floor and den da person dat waggled the finger at me came and waggled it at me again but now I culd sniffs it. SO I did. Den they tooked me away and dis lady at da desk said "Bye bye!" I got putted in dis thing then and dere was the waggle finger pwerson and a smaller person. We moved but dint move for a bit den everbody but me got out and went awya. It was scary in da place that moves but doesnt.. but soon da waggle finger came back and to oked me from da cage. I dint bite but I sniffed and I figured out I wasnt goin ta sleep like Billy said I wuz but dat I had a "Momma" which was what Ginger in da udder cage nexta me talked bout. Well I wuz still scared and den da little person opened da door. I got scaired and tried ta run.. but I was caughted by da tail and da foot and putted back in da cage. More stuff happened after dat like lookin at my new house which wuz mush bigger.

Hedo dis is Arwin an I wuz bornd ta my momma an I hearded and saw nuthin and den I only hearded tings an den I sawd stuffs. Da wagle fineger dat Eli talkd bout was dere. Den it wuz not dere for a wile. One day I wuz tooked an wuz putted by a ting dat smelled famliliar an it wuz my momma. I had ta sleap in a box fur a wile but den I wuz big an culd run round at nite.
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