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Is this normal?

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I rescued a sick Persian from my front yard last friday and the RSPCA offered not much help. Anyway she was very snuffely and was prescribed Synulox tabs 50mg from the vet, also had a couple of jabs??. She has been taking these since saturday and has now vomited a couple of times this evening and had a little diorreah. Unfortunatly nobody seems to missing her as i have searched endlessly for her owner so I have no medical history. I am so worried and she is now a very welcome member of my family. Could this vomiting be a side affect? ( unsure of her age as vet did not check this outt, think she may be young though not a small kitten)
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If I am correct that the Synulox tabs are an antibiotic? Sure, she could be reacting to it. You may find she needs worming (if they did not). Once she's through with her antibiotics, try some live culture plain yoghurt - or one of the live culture pastes on the market (bene bac is one) that will recolonize the gut with good bacteria (which antibiotics can knock out).
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If it is related to an upper respiratory infection, Doxycycline has had very fast , safe , results. Two days and sneezing, plugged noses, have cleared up. No stomach upset either. Some cats will react to certain meds, when they do, ask the vet if he'll give an alternative.
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Why doesn't that suprise me with the RSPCA!. Their brilliant when it comes to prosecuting in animal cruelty but i don't agree in their other policies

Was it your own vet you saw or the vet at the RSPCA?
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It was a private vet in my area although the RSPCA took her there. They let her go in the street as I was out and posted her meds through my door asking if I saw her again could I give her these! luckily she came back to yard.
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See what i mean about them! I found a stray cat in our street a couple of month ago, very thin, and very hungry. My friend is a vet nurse and the RSPCA take any strays or injured animals to her surgery, so when they came out to have a look at the cat, the inspector said although he was thin he looked fine?.

I rang my friend who instructed him to take the cat straight to her surgery, and the following day she text me to say the cat was seriously ill with hyperthyroidism and that his liver was shutting down

If it hadn't been for Emma he was going to put that poor cat back onto the streets And they wonder why people don't donate as much!.
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