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Now my face is red!!!

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My office had many visitors attending meetings all day.
I thought I would wear a nice summer skirt and sweater.
I just looked down at my legs a few minutes ago and I should have really shaved my legs!!!!
I can't believe I didn't pay attention this morning when I was getting ready.
I'm so embarrassed!!!!
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Aaaaargh!!! Did anyone notice do you think?
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Hey don't worry! I went to church the other day KNOWING I needed to! (good thing my church is laid back and I had on jean capris!)
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Hee-hee I always forget to shave before going to see my doctor. You know that woman check up thing? I have very dark hair and it is quite embarrasing.
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It happens... i did that the other day too!
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Thats ok! Just don't rub them together so they won't make that scritchy noise!
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I'm sure no one noticed. Now underarm hair on the other hand..I've learned tends to get noticed sooner
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Gail, don't worry, it happens to the best of us.
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Unless they were REALLY checking out your legs, I think you're safe. We've all done it, don't worry!
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Isn't it weird how such a small thing can be so embarrassing? I was wearing jeans once and hadn't shaved. I was sitting in class (first day of college, no less) and had my legs crossed when I happened to look down and notice my jeans were up and my leg was showing. I quickly uncrossed my legs, which just made it obvious that I realized it (seems less embarrassing to me if they don't know I know). I was sitting in front but most people were paying attention. I was sitting sideways in the desk because I was on the end row, and thought maybe the guy behind me noticed, so I turned around and he smirked.
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If anyone was that close to your legs today, Gail, it is you who should be taking issue with them! Not their being concerned about whether or not you shaved!
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I woudln't worry about it babe. I look like I'm attached to a couple of rainforests right now! This is a serious condition however, that it's latin name should be taken a note of. Next time you have to visit your doctor, alert him to this condition - if you feel concerned enough, also your boss and work colleagues - and perhaps they will be a little more understanding. You are suffering from a clear case of Ferritus-legae. (ferret legs)
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